Braised beef short rib by Attarine Restaurant in Jakarta. (Photo courtesy of Attarine Jakarta)

Attarine Restaurant Emphasizes Its Passion for Local Ingredients in New Menu


AUGUST 01, 2017

Jakarta. Attarine, South Jakarta's chef-driven neighborhood restaurant, shows its passion for local ingredients in its latest additional menu.

All 14 new menu items introduced last month are under the direction of chefs Jacob Burrell, Aditya Muskita and Ismawan, who draw on their experience and love of working with local suppliers and seasonal ingredients to create original and authentic cuisine.

Bringing a similar approach to the delicate and savory food at Attarine, the new menu showcases the best local ingredients, meats, vegetables and fruits, carefully sourced from independent Indonesian producers.

Executive chef Burrell said the restaurant's expanded menu reflects his passion for creating simple, yet colorful and interesting dishes for returning and new guests.

"The new dishes we have introduced are the food we love to eat and cook. We always want to be more creative in creating new dishes and we hope it will excite our returning diners and introduce us to the new customers," he said.

The highlight of the new menu is the crispy Brussels sprouts. The anchovy and garlic dressing adds unique and bold flavor. A hint of a lemon juice enhances the freshness of the dish.

Even though the dish was previously removed from the menu, chef Ismawan said they had to bring it back because of the high demand.

"Crispy Brussels sprouts is everyone's favorite at the Attarine. When we took it off our menu, many of our customers were disappointed. That's why we decided to bring it back," he said.

The second appetizer consisted of crispy chicken strips served with a corn pudding on the side. The crispiness of the chicken and a subtle hint of curry make for an enjoyable dish. The sweetness of the corn pudding balances the spiciness of the curry seasoning.

This was followed by a plate of freshly shaved melon and fennel salad, dressed in lime juice. The sweetness of the melon and the sourness of the lime fuse to make it an excellent transition meal before the main course.

Braised beef short rib by Attarine restaurant. (Photo courtesy of Attarine Jakarta)

The main course consisted of braised beef short ribs served with oyster sauce, shiitake mushrooms and pickled leeks. To achieve the perfect tenderness, the ribs were grilled, smoked and braised for hours.

For dessert, a hot pan of rhubarb and berry cobbler, sprinkled with powdered sugar, was served on a wooden tray. One scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and coconut ice cream added sweetness to the cobbler, making it the perfect way to end the meal.

On top of offering quality food, Attarine Jakarta also prides itself on its fresh and flavorsome original mocktails and cocktails. Using seasonal rare ingredients and spices from around the globe, the restaurant bar team creates a collection of balanced and refreshing drinks.

One of the restaurant's signature mocktails is Jamu Royal, which combines turmeric, tamarind, honey, lemon juice, carrot and ginger beer.

Jamu Royal, one of Attarine's signature mocktails. (Photo courtesy of Attarine Jakarta)

A colorful and fresh calypso cocktail made with pineapple, passion fruit puree, mango and citrus juice, along with Attarine's signature spice syrup, was served during the menu launch.

In addition, the restaurant is now offering a more diverse selection of wines from the best regions around the world.

Attarine also offers daily specials.

"We often change our daily special menus to surprise our guests. That will allow us to draw on the team's wonderful talents and giving various traditional, yet contemporary menu choices," Burrell said.

Moreover, Attarine Jakarta will also continue its tradition of holding special pop-up culinary programs to give diners even more flavors and tastes to discover at the restaurant.

Exclusive items on the menu, such as lamb and tuna wraps and shawarma smoked beef over toasted barley, are now available for delivery via GoFood.

The average cost of a meal varies from around Rp 45,000 to Rp 245,000 ($3.38-$18.40).