Audience cheers Australian magician Paul Cosentino as he performs card tricks in 'The Elements: Cosentino.' (Photo courtesy of AXN Asia)

Australian Magician Cosentino Charms Asian Audiences in New TV Series


JANUARY 17, 2018

Jakarta. AXN Asia is set to launch a new television series, "The Elements: Cosentino," featuring Australian magician Paul Cosentino, on Thursday (18/01).

Cosentino is hailed as the most successful illusionist and escapologist from down under. He rose to fame after becoming the runner-up in the 2011 Australia's Got Talent. He has been touring the world with live shows ever since.

"The Elements: Cosentino" is a four-part series themed around the four elements — earth, wind, fire, and water. Cosentino told Indonesian reporters in a group phone interview last week that his tricks will be related to each element.

Cosentino is not only a magician, but also showman. A combination of illusion, music and dance is his signature style. "The Elements" adds to these sleight-of-hand tricks on the streets.

"The TV show is actually broken up into performing street magic, stage illusions, death-defying escapes and performing for the celebrity as well as a little bit of my story integrated in it, so there's never been a magic show created like this ever that combines all these elements, which is what makes it so unique," he said.

The show is set in four Asian countries — Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Language differences we not a problem, even when he performed street magic, which required him to closely interact with the audience. Cosentino observed that "people's reactions to magic are universal."

"I thought the language barrier would be a challenge but believe it or not, it wasn't at all because magic is a beautiful art form that transcends language, cultural social economic background," he said.

Cosentino is not new to Asia. He has performed at the 2014 Vietnam's Got Talent, 2015 Asia's Got Talent, and had live shows in Indonesia.

In "The Elements" he had to get used to performing with celebrities, which he initially found "nerve-wrecking," as they are hard to impress.

Each episode features celebrity appearances — Asia's Got Talent's Alan Wong and Justin Bratton, Singapore's Aaron Aziz, Tabitha Nauseur and Sezairi, Malaysia's Diana Danielle, Juliana Evans and Joe Flizzow, Philippines' Alex Gonzaga, Bianca King, Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez and Taiwan's Alex Niu and Ozi.

"A lot of them are entertainers. A lot of them are performers. They know that they've seen a magician so they're kind of watching you very closely, kind of trying to figure out the trick, so that you need to be a better magician. You need to be a little more tricky, more clever, cleaner in your approach," Cosentino said.

The TV series started to be filmed in September.

The magician expressed hope that the show will appeal to Asian audiences, especially in Indonesia, where magic is very popular. If the show is renewed for another season, Cosentino hopes Indonesia will be included.

"Hopefully [in] the season two we'll go see Indonesia ... people there love magic. They really love magic, so I'm looking forward to that," he said.

"The Elements: Cosentino" will premiere on AXN on Thursday at 8 p.m. Jakarta time.