Ugandan runner and 2019 Maybank Marathon Immaculate Chemutai poses for the press in Bali on Aug. 27, 2022. (JG Photo/Jayanty Nada Shofa)

Bali: Training Ground for Runners to Get Used to Humidity


AUGUST 27, 2022

Bali. Ugandan runner and 2019 Maybank Marathon Winner Immaculate Chemutai recently said that Bali’s weather could help runners get used to running in humidity. Once a runner conquers Bali, other courses -- particularly those with humid air -- would be a piece of cake.

“I like Bali. When you run in Bali, you can run in any other places that are humid,” Chemutai told the press at an elite athletes’ dinner in Bali on Friday night.


"Bali is difficult because we have terrains, slopes, and humidity," she added.

Chemutai finished in fourth place at the 2018 Bali Maybank Marathon and rose to first place in the 2019 edition by clocking at 2:42:08. She then clocked 2:32:41 at Buriram Marathon in 2020, even setting a national record for Ugandan women’s marathon.  

According to Chemutai, Buriram had a lower humidity level compared to Bali, thus enabling her to get a better finish time. The 34-year-old runner also competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Women’s Marathon, but she has already learned to deal with the humidity from running in Bali.

“When we went to Tokyo [for the Olympics], it was humid. Because I have run in Bali, I didn’t face it so rough and [finished] in 16th place. I was very happy,” Chemutai said.

Running a marathon in Paris would also be a walk in the park compared to Bali due to its low altitude, colder weather, and lack of humidity, Chemutai said.

"If you finish a marathon here [in Bali], you can run the best in Europe," she said.

It was scorching hot when Chemutai ran the Maybank Marathon in 2019. So runners at the time had to deal with both humidity and heat. Not to mention the slopes, corners, and dark spots that could slow them down.

This time, the weather is looking great with lots of cool breezes. So there is a chance for Maybank Marathon 2022 runners to score a better finish time, according to Chemutai.

“It is cold, but there is still humidity,” Chemutai said.

Competition is heating up this year with elite athletes —many of whom are from Ethiopia— joining the Maybank Marathon 2022.

"But I will try to fight for my position. If I win, I would be very grateful. Whatever position I get, I would be very happy with it," Chemutai said when asked about her plans on claiming another Maybank Marathon victory.

"It is a competition so you either win or lose. But we [the athletes] are very happy to be in Bali," she added.

Chemutai will once again return to the Maybank Marathon on Sunday. Will she get her second Maybank Marathon win? Stay tuned for more Maybank Marathon 2022 updates.