Press conference for the Balinale 2016 (07/09). (Photo courtesy of

Balinale Defies Boundaries in Creativity in 10th Film Festival


SEPTEMBER 09, 2016

Jakarta. The annual Bali International Film Festival will again highlight creativity and expression when it returns for its 10th edition at Cinemaxx, Lippo Mall Kuta, from Sept. 24 to 30.

“No Boundaries” has been selected as the theme of BIFF 2016. The festival hopes to serve as a platform in developing an understanding and respect to the freedom of expression, human rights, intellectual rights, as well as facilitating respect and tolerance across different cultures.

"It's exciting because we have more countries participating this year. More than 100 films representing 31 countries in this year's program," Inneke Indriyani, a founder at the Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation which established the festival, said as quoted by

Popularly known as Balinale, this year's festival has attracted more participants from the US, Australia, Brazil as well as across Europe and Africa.

Indonesia's filmmakers have submitted more than 20 films, ranging from full features to short films and documentaries including "Copy of My Mind," "My Stupid Boss," "the Promise" and "Negeri Van Oranje."

Other films, including "Firegate: Piramid Gunung Padang," "the Perfect Dream" and "Trinity, the Nekad Traveler" will screen previews.

The Asian Premiere program boasts films from across the world "Early Winter" from Australia and Canada, "Rigoberta Menchu: Daughter of the Maya" from US filmmakers, "Mr. Gaga" from Israel, "Elle" from France and "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" from New Zealand.

Balinale also serves as a platform for filmmakers from all over the world to connect with each other.

“Balinale is good for filmmakers to socialize. We can always discuss and exchange ideas, as well as network," Wulan Guritno, star of "the Perfect Dream," said as quoted by Warta Kota.

“I’m proud that my film has been selected for Balinale, the whole cast and crew is. It’s such a great opportunity to present this film to a world audience," Bambang Drias, director of "the Promise," said.

Last year, the festival attracted 26 countries and 105 films with its theme “Face of Diversity.”

Balinale was established in 2007 by the non governmental Indonesian charity organization, Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation. The festival showcases thought-provoking, unique and award-winning current releases from all genres, produced by Indonesians and other filmmakers from around the world.

The international festival is affiliated with the Motion Picture Association, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards, Asian Film Commissions Network, American Film Showcase and Sundance Institute’s Film Forward.