Bali's Best Eats Guest Judges and Winners

Bali's Best Eats 2019 In Search of a World-Class Dining Experience


OCTOBER 22, 2019

Following the success of Bali’s Best Eats Awards 2018, FoodieS Magazine and AQUA Reflections now return with the sequel of their saga in holding the first objective culinary awards in Indonesia. With Bali’s Best Eats Awards 2019, they seek to discover the Top 40 world-class dining experiences and remarkable culinary profiles in the Islands of Gods, Bali.

The guests beaming with smiles as the launch party for Bali's Best Eats Awards 2019 was held.


The First Objective Culinary Awards in Indonesia

The culinary saga was first launched on September 2018. With a committee of well-respected culinary experts, the judges all have a discerning eye when it comes to marvelous culinary experiences. Last year, forty restaurants were awarded for their excellence with Locavore specially named as Restaurant of the Year, Wayan Kresna Yasa from Kaum Restaurant as Chef of The Year and Frestro as Bar of The Year. With such great talents discovered in the preceeding event, the anticipation rises as Bali’s Best Eats Awards is on its way of unveiling new culinary stars.

Encouraging the Creation of a World-Class Culinary Showdown

In the midst of the fierce competition in the culinary world, FoodieS Magazine and AQUA Reflections as the first mineral water brand in Indonesia see an opportunity in how the local restaurants never cease to pursue creative culinary innovations. To hone their creativity even further, the culinary showdown is brought back with a committee of renowned culinary profiles.

The publisher of FoodieS Magazine, Jed Doble, seeks to partake in the continuous growth of the culinary world with Bali’s Best Eats Awards. “The evergrowing culinary world which brings new culinary experiences to life with fresh concepts is interesting to be looked at. We would like to preserve the essence of Bali’s Best Eats Awards in supporting the creativity and culinary success, increasing the local standards while ensuring the 40 best restaurants to always be full every night.” said the culinary enthusiast.

The Scoring of Bali’s Best Eats

The panelists of Bali’s Best Eats range from celebrity chefs, gourmands, to hoteliers. With their help, the restaurants will be ranked in accordance with the three categories: Fine Dining, Upscale Dining and Casual Dining. The Fine Dining category refers to restaurants that have taste, presentation, creativity, service and table setting to perfection. The Upscale Dining category embodies restaurants that never cease to present a unique culinary experience whereas the Casual Dining category reflects those that excel in offering food and drinks in a more relaxed, livelier setting acceptable for all.

Meanwhile, the criteria will be divided into four: 50% of it comes from taste, creativity and execution of a dish, 20% comes from the service quality, 10% lies in its lists of beverages or wine while the remaining 10% derives from its interior design and character. If the four criteria are accomplished, a restaurant will be regarded to be capable of offering a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

On the other hand, in addition to the judges’ scoring, this year’s Jakarta’s Best Eats is gathering a team of Chefs Academy of the capital city’s renowned chefs. Being a new addition, Chefs Academy will give a new and broad insight.

With the competition getting even more heated, the 40 selected restaurants will be revealed on the Awards Ceremony Night in December 2019. For more information on the event and restaurant registration, visit .

The Embodiment of “Live Your Finest Reflections” in the Culinary Industry

“Live Your Finest Reflections” is a campaign by AQUA Reflections that calls for the public to give their best in life as a part of their daily lifestyle. With this, the company also seeks to appreciate Indonesia’s inspiring figures in various industries including fashion, lifestyle and culinary; hence, their partaking in Bali’s Best Eats Awards. AQUA Reflections shares the same mission as FoodieS in motivating local food industries to achieve the heights of culinary experience. “It is our commitment to do so.”, said Ethan Lim, the Marketing Vice President of Danone AQUA.