A view of the rooftop bar at Baxter Smith restaurant in Senopati, South Jakarta. (Photo courtesy of Baxter Smith)

Baxter Smith Serves European-Asian Fusion in Steampunk Setting


MARCH 20, 2017

Jakarta. The Senopati neighborhood in South Jakarta has always been known as a haven for foodies. Its leafy streets are dotted with classy restaurants offering delicacies from many parts of the world.

A new addition, known as Baxter Smith, has opened its doors to the public on Friday (17/03).

"It's a one-stop venue, offering quality food, beverage and entertainment," owner Aditya Prawira said during a press conference.

The new venue, housed in a three-story white building on Jalan Suryo, boasts a restaurant, lounge and rooftop bar. Each has unique decor that seems to transport you to another place and era.

The dining room on the first floor might remind you of a steampunk time machine. Rusty pipes and massive gears decorate its bronze walls. Yellow bulbs, shaded with corrugated iron, throw a dim and rather nostalgic light on the restaurant.

Chef Sigit Untoro helms the kitchen.

"Our menu offers European and Asian fusion with a unique twist," the chef said.

The tuna tataki, served with ginger ponzu dressing and carrot puree, is a delightful combination of flavors.

The pumpkin and beetroot salad is a riot of fresh colors. It consists of shredded almonds, slow-cooked pumpkin, beetroot, fleshy mandarin oranges and greens, drizzled with a delicious combination of truffle and sesame oil.

The pan-seared salmon comes with shimeji mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and spinach. The sweet, savory flavor of the salmon marries well with its zesty orange cardamom sauce.

The lounge on the second floor is designed to resemble the interiors of the Zeppelin airships from the beginning of the 20th century. Tubular metallic structures and lighted round windows line its walls. Lilac and magenta lighting set a whimsical mood about the place.

At the center is the bar, manned by Baxter Smith's mixologist Doni Irianto Purba.

"I'd like to offer surprises to the customers," Doni said.

One of the mixologist's top creations is Jennifer smoked beef. The saffron-hued drink, served in an old-fashion glass, smells of smoked beef and tastes like asinan (traditional preserved fruits).

The drink consists of gin, cucumber puree, orange liqueur, blackberry liqueur and homemade chili syrup.

"But if you really want to get wasted, you should try my 'Baxter 28,'" the mixologist said. "It's a combination of 28 spirits, but tastes so smooth in your mouth."

The lounge offers live DJ performances on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8 p.m. until late.

The rooftop bar on the third floor would definitely be a favorite hangout for Jakartans towards the evening. It is surrounded with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer gorgeous views of the central business district.

The rooftop bar also offers live band performances on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 7.30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

"With uniqueness in taste and [décor] styles, I'm pretty sure that Baxter Smith would be the number-one venue in the city," said Aditya, the owner.