Music academy Be Sharp and Suzuki Music Association Indonesia will collaborate in a charity gala concert in Jakarta on Sunday. (Photo courtesy of Be Sharp)

Be Sharp and Suzuki Music to Collaborate in Gala Concert

NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Jakarta. Music academy Be Sharp and Suzuki Music Association Indonesia will be collaborating in a charity gala concert entitled 'Thank You for the Music' at Jakarta International Theatre, JIExpo Kemayoran, on Sunday. 

The concert is organized by Jakarta-based music foundation Yayasan Emaud Indonesia to support the Be Sharp program and celebrate Suzuki Music Association Indonesia's 10th anniversary, the organizers announced on Monday. 

It will showcase current Be Sharp and Suzuki Music Association Indonesia's students, along with celebrated and renowned artists such as Iskandar Widjaja, Ananda Sukarlan, Pepita Salim, Happy Salma and Christine Utomo. 

Camerata Indonesia, Sketsa String Orchestras and Capricciosso Children's Choir will also be making appearances.

Be Sharp, founded by junior high school students Audrey Adiwana and Emily Kumalaputra, provides free classical music education to the less privileged elementary school students in Indonesia. Since its inception last year, Be Sharp has been working at four schools and one orphanage with a total of 120 students enrolled.

"Music plays an important role in a child's brain development. We believe that by having more children learning music at an early age, this will help pave a way for a better educated and more creative next Indonesian generations," Emily said. 

Audrey Adiwana, who plays both piano and violin, said she had experienced herself how music helped her to become a better person, 

"Music helps me think creatively and trains me to be more disciplined. These basic foundations help me in other areas of studies as well," she said

The Be Sharp program works closely with Suzuki Music Association Indonesia and the Bandung Philharmonic. More information on the event and the Be Sharp program can be found at