Korean girl band, Blackpink. (Photo courtesy of Blackpink official website)

Ddu-du Ddu-du: All Sweetness and Light at Blackpink's Jakarta Concert


JANUARY 21, 2019

Jakarta. Hours before the doors opened for the Blackpink concert at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition in Tangerang, just outside Jakarta, on Sunday (21/01), thousands of the K-pop girl band's rabid fans, known as the "Blinks," were already gathered outside. 

This was the second time Blackpink visited Jakarta, and as Antaranews.com reported, the die-hard Blinks, light sticks in hand and clad in t-shirts with photographs of their favorite band members, waited restlessly outside the gate while singing along to Blackpink songs playing on a giant video screen. 

When the band finally got on stage, in glittery bling-bling pink costumes, teenage screams filled the cavernous arena. Blackpink didn't hold back either, kicking off their set with an energetic performance of their mega hit "Ddu-du Ddu-du." 

Band members Kim Jisoo, Kim Jennie, Park Chaeyoung and Lalisa Manoban, barely out of breath despite their complicated dance moves, greeted their fans after the first song and were responded by shrill chants and thunderous claps.

"Good evening Indonesia. Are you happy to see us? Let’s have fun tonight," Jennie said to the crowd.

The group then sang the upbeat and cheerful "Forever Young" from their 2018 mini album "Square Up."

It was crowd-pleasing greatest hits setlist in the end, with the bands playing songs from the beginning of their short career, like "Playing With Fire" (2016), "Boombayah" (2016), "Whistle" (2016), as well as later hits "As If It's Your Last" (2017), "Really" (2018) and "See U Later" (2018). 

Needless to say, the Blinks sang along to every word. 

The atmosphere got hotter when the girls took turns to perform solo. Jisoo sang "Clarity" and then Lisa showed all her risqué dance moves while performing "Let It Be," "You and I" and "Look At Me." 

The full band then returned to the stage to sing a cover, "So Hot" by another K-pop band, Wonder Girls. 

The band closed the set with their 2016 ballad, "Stay."

"Thank you for coming to our concert tonight. Thank you Blink. We will be together forever," Lisa said as she walked off slowly from the stage. 

No Stranger (to Controversy)

In November last year, the band also visited Jakarta to play at a concert to celebrate e-commerce platform Shopee's anniversary. In December, Blackpink drew the ire of conservative Indonesians by appearing in a Shopee commercial in their skimpy outfits. 

Blackpink shot into K-pop stardom worldwide with their EP "Square Up," released in June last year.

Their biggest single so far, "Ddu-du Ddu-du," reached No. 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the highest rank ever for an all-female K-pop act.

The music video has attracted more than 600 million views on YouTube since it dropped last June.

Blackpink will also play at Coachella 2019 on April 12-14 – the first ever-female K-pop band to perform at the festival, better known for its indie line-ups.