Helen Mirren arrives at the European premiere of Collateral Beauty in London, Britain December 15, 2016. (Reuters Photo/Hannah Mckay)

Celebrities Toast Tradition, Getting 'Love Going' in Christmas Wishes


DECEMBER 19, 2016

From hoping the world can "get it together" in 2017 to reminiscing about Christmases filled with food and gifts, celebrities sent holiday greetings to fans as the festive season kicked into high gear.

Speaking to Reuters, actors and singers shared their seasonal thoughts.

"Happy holidays ... 2016 was an interesting, potentially difficult year, so let's just get it together, let's get some love going for 2017," Hollywood star Will Smith said.

His "Collateral Beauty" co-star Helen Mirren said: "Be full, be happy and hopefully be peaceful and let's all work towards peace in the new year because, honestly, it's time."

Canadian singer Shania Twain said she liked to be surrounded by snow for the festivities. "I come from a very cold part of Canada, so there's always snow. I like traditional Christmases ... so I go for a pretty quiet low-key traditional Christmas environment."

Actor Liam Neeson said he also favored tradition: "We celebrate Christmas, myself and my two sons very, very traditionally. Lots of food, maybe too much food, a few gifts and a few prayers too with thanks, certainly with thanks ... It's a very important time of the year."

However at this month's 2016 Fashion Awards in London, rocker Marilyn Manson said he "hates Christmas".

"I've spent every Christmas without a Christmas tree ... since some while, I'm like Charlie Brown's Christmas - the sad tree, the Grinch," he said.