Actor Reza Rahadian poses with his Citra Award after the ceremony in Jakarta on Sunday (06/10). (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)

Citra Award Winners


NOVEMBER 07, 2016

Jakarta. The Citra Awards  presented annually by the Indonesian Film Festival committee honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry  returned for its 38th edition in Teater Besar, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (06/10).

The theme this year was restoration and preservation of Indonesian films and the event was hosted by Ernest Prakasa and Panji Pragiwaksono.

Citra Award winners

1. Best Picture: Mira Lesmana of Miles Films in "Athirah"

2. Best Director: Riri Riza in "Athirah"

3. Best Leading Actor: Reza Rahadian in "My Stupid Boss"

4. Best Leading Actress: Cut Mini Theo in "Athirah"

5. Best Supporting Actor: Alex Abbad in "My Stupid Boss"

6. Best Supporting Actress: Raihaanun in "Salawaku"

7. Best Original Screenplay: Jujur Prananto in "Aisyah Biarkan Kami Bersaudara" ("Aisyah Let's Be Friends")

8 . Best Adapted Screenplay: Salman Aristo and Riri Riza in "Athirah"

9. Best Animated Feature Film: Andre Sugianto, Aditya Prabaswara and Ardhira Anugrah Putra in "Surat untuk Jakarta" ("Voice for Jakarta")

10. Best Documentary Feature: Marselli Sumarno in "Gesang Sang Maestro Keroncong" ("The Master of Keroncong")

11. Best Art Direction: Eros Eflin in "Athirah"

12. Best Costume Design: Chitra Subiyakto in "Athirah"

13. Best Film Editing: Wawan I. Wibowo in "My Stupid Boss"

14. Best Cinematography: Faozan Rizal in "Salawaku"

15. Best Visual Effects: Andi Novianto in "Headshot"

16. Best Music: Anto Hoed and Melly Goeslaw in "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2" ("What's Up With Love? 2")

17. Best Soundtrack: "Ratusan Purnama" by Anto Hoed and Melly Goeslaw in "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2"

18. Best Sound: Fajar Yuskemal and Aria Prayogi in "Headshot"

19. Short Film: Wregas Bhanuteja in "Prenjak" (In the Year of the Monkey")

20. Best Short Documentary: Yonri S. Revolt and Febian Kakisina in "Mama Amamapare"

21. Best child actor: Elko Kastanya in "Salawaku"

22. Lifetime achievement award: Christine Hakim