Women's Muslim wear brand L.tru presented a special collection, titled "Dear Woman," at the Jakarta Fashion Week on Tuesday (24/10). (Photo courtesy of Tim Muara Bagdja)

'Dear Woman': When Muslim Fashion Meets Cartoons


OCTOBER 27, 2017

Jakarta. Women's Muslim wear brand L.tru presented a special collection, titled "Dear Woman," at the Jakarta Fashion Week on Tuesday (24/10).

The collection results from a collaboration with renowned Indonesian cartoonist Muhammad Misrad (also known as Mice).

"We're planning to do collaborations with Indonesian creative young people from time to time," said Aju Isni Karim, director of Truwear Asa Link, which produces L.tru. "And for our special collection this year, our creative team has chosen to collaborate with Mice."

Mice's comic strips capture daily realities of life in Jakarta and are published in Harian Rakyat Merdeka and Kompas Minggu newspapers.

According to the director, the comic and the brand share common values.

"Mice [as presented in the comic] is fun, humble and artsy," she said. "And so is our brand."

The cartoonist was also enthusiastic about the collaboration.

"I've always loved [L.tru] collections," Mice said. "Their designs are simple and minimalist, yet have a solid concept."

It took the pair six months to prepare for the special collection.

"For me, it's something new and exciting," Mice said. "I believe this collaboration between a cartoonist and Muslim fashion is the first ever in the world."

For the collaboration, Mice created a series of cartoons based on the Dear Woman.

"We then captured the spirit of the cartoon and translated it into our collection," Isni said.

The result is an adorable Muslim wear collection that combines decorum with modernity.

In the fashion show, L.tru presented 30 ready-to-wear looks, which are made of simple daily items that can easily be mixed-and-matched.

"We're introducing our concept of 'Clothes Talk' [with this collection]," Isni said. "You can easily mix-and-match our items to create the looks that represent your mood of the day."

In the special collection, blouses are deconstructed and presented in fresh color blocks of saffron, shocking pink and neon blue. Snippets of Mice's cartoons adorn some parts of the fabrics.

Pants have relaxed silhouettes and are adorned with apron-like extensions that obscure the crotch area.

Dresses are loose-fitted and are adorned with detachable collars made of ribbed cotton of contrasting colors.

"This collection represents today's women's lifestyle that is fun, active and dynamic," Isni said.

Mice was impressed with L.tru's interpretation of his cartoons.

"I hope the collection would encourage many more women to wear hijabs," he said.

The collection is available at L.tru's boutiques in big cities in Indonesia for one month.