After the box-office success of 'Dilan 1990' earlier this year, the sequel 'Dilan 1991' is set to be released next year. (Screenshot from Falcon Pictures' YouTube channel)

'Dilan 1991,' Sequel to Box-Office Smash 'Dilan 1990,' Out in 2019

OCTOBER 18, 2018

Jakarta. After the box-office success of "Dilan 1990" earlier this year, the brains behind the teen drama, writer Pidi Baiq and director Fajar Bustomi, plan to release a sequel, to be called simply "Dilan 1991," sometime next year.

Adapted from another one of Pidi’s novels, "Dilan Bagian Kedua: Dia Adalah Dilanku Tahun 1991" ("Dilan Part 2: He’s My Dilan in 1991"), the film will again follow high school sweethearts Dilan and Milea as they try to mend their relationship after Dilan broke his promise to never get involved again in school brawls.

Fajar said during a press conference for the 2018 Korea-Indonesia Film Festival in Jakarta on Oct. 11 that the sequel will go deeper into the couple’s characters and relationship.

Many of the original film's cast will reprise their roles in the sequel, including teen heartthrob Iqbaal Ramadhan who played the titular role.

Iqbaal is going to play Minke in Hanung Bramantyo’s upcoming adaptation of Pramoedya Ananta Toer's classic epic "Bumi Manusia" ("This Earth of Mankind").

Vanesha Prescilla will also reprise her role as Milea.

Producer Ody Hidayat said the sequel will contain many surprises never hinted at in the original film.

"Many new conflicts and other unexpected things will happen in the sequel," he said.

The film will again be produced by Falcon Pictures, the production company responsible for many recent box-office hits, including action flick "Comic 8" and comedy classic remakes "Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss!" part one and part two.

Fajar said he is feeling the burden of having to repeat his previous success with Dilan 1990, which attracted 6.3 million viewers, making it the second best-selling film of all time in Indonesia after "Warkop DKI Reborn: Boss Cricket! Part 1" (2016).

"Expectations are high, but we're committed to make the upcoming film even better than the first one," Fajar said.

Author Pidi has joined hands with Titien Wattimena to write the script for Dilan 1991.

Titien recently wrote the screenplays for Pancasila movie "Lima" and Edwin's food movie "Aruna dan Lidahnya."

Fajar said Dilan 1991 will start shooting in November in Bandung and Jakarta.