One of SOS Children's Villages Indonesia foster kids celebrated the National Children's Day on Thursday. (Photo Courtesy of SOS Children's Villages)

Do Not Let the Pandemic Strip Children Off Their Rights: SOS


JULY 24, 2020

Jakarta. SOS Children's Villages Indonesia, a non-profit organization that provides families for orphans and abandoned children, ramps up their commitment to protect children's rights amid the health crisis.

Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI) reported up to 3,064 children have been infected by the novel coronavirus as of June 15. Around 28 children have also lost their lives to the virus.


According to SOS, based on past virus outbreaks, the number of orphans is likely to spiral out of control due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The United Nations revealed that at least 16,600 children lost a parent or caregiver to the ebola virus while 3,600 lost both parents.

Additionally, massive layoffs caused by the pandemic has hindered parents from properly caring for their kids and thus putting their rights in jeopardy. Families struggle to provide their basic needs including food on the table. Facilities for distance learning such as internet data is off the shopping list and hence stripping children off their rights for education.

In response, SOS calls the government, institutions as well as the public to take immediate action to protect children's rights. 

"All children's rights should be protected, supported and considered in all actions against the pandemic and its causes. Every decision-making process should prioritize what is best for children," SOS Children's Villages Indonesia national director Gregor Hadi Nitihardjo said in a statement.

Gregor said the pandemic has put the rights of more than 5,500 foster kids under SOS care and assisted families at risk. To help them in the spirit of National Children's Day, SOS has been holding a number of events since the beginning of the month.


Online classes are available for people to learn from public figures and experts to share their knowledge and experience on the children's rights. People can tune in to Live Talks on Instagram for discussion on the matter in hand. On "Children Take Over Instagram", SOS foster kids have the opportunity to voice out their concerns.

Corporates have also gathered on a webinar to discuss best practice to provide solutions for the challenges faced by teenagers in the post-pandemic world.

People can also join the 2.3 kilometer charity race, named the "Run for Children", to give presents for the SOS foster kids. Registration is avaiable on 99 Virtual Race app. The running event will last until Sunday.