Why Don't We during their first-ever Jakarta concert, at Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta, on Thursday. (JG Photo/Nur Yasmin)

Energetic Performance Proves Why Don't We Are No Trust Fund Babies


NOVEMBER 21, 2019

Jakarta. Thousands of teenagers thronged to Kota Kasablanka Mall in South Jakarta on Thursday to see American boyband Why Don't We's first-ever concert in Indonesia. 

Jakarta was the last city in the Asian leg of the boyband's "Eight Letters" world tour after Malaysia and Singapore.

Some of The Limelights, the nickname for the band's fans, were so young they had to come to the gig with their parents as chaperones. 

As soon as Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron climbed the stage, the gig turned into a squeal-fest.

The boys kicked off the concert with "Trust Fund Baby," "M.I.A." and "Choose," greeted by an intense audio-visual melange of teen screams and phone camera flashes.

Why Don
Jakarta was the last city in the Asian leg of Why Don't We's world tour. (JG Photo/Nur Yasmin)

"This is our first time ever in Indonesia, and it's the greatest thing ever that we could travel around the world to be here," band leader Marais said.

Why Don't We played a long set of 23 songs, remarkable considering that each song involved extremely dynamic and complicated dance choreography.

They included hits like "These Girls," "Hooked," "Talk" and "I Don't Belong in This Club." The band also sang mashups of songs by other pop artists, such as "Taste" by Tyga, "Finesse" by Bruno Mars, "Lucid Dreams" by Juice WRLD, "Middle Child" by J. Cole and "Better Now" by Post Malone.

They closed the concert with an acoustic version of a newly released song, "What Am I," with Marais on keyboard, Avery, Besson and Herron on guitar and Seavey on cello.

Then they bid farewell and promised The Limelights – whose screams nearly drowned out the band's speech – that they would return to Jakarta.

The five duds received huge enthusiasm from the strong, spirited crowd. (JG Photo/Nur Yasmin)
The Why Don't We boys bid farewell to the crowd. (JG Photo/Nur Yasmin)

"Every night in Asia has been incredible and I'm looking forward to more Asian tours and to be in Jakarta again," Besson said.

Thirteen-year-old Limelights Ishan and Misha, who came to the concert with a big group of their friends, said this was their first time seeing Why Don't We live.

"It was really amazing. We lost our voice screaming too much and the crowd was really hyped up. I loved 'Talk' the most," Ishan said, mentioning his favorite song.

"Why Don't We were so hot, it was incredible. Thank you Why Don’t We for coming to Jakarta, please come back again," Misha said.

Aura and Sofia, who came all the way from Bali to see the band, said they were quite emotional throughout the concert.

“It was amazing, I had goosebumps. We've been fans for years before they even got big," 13-year-old Aura said.

"That's why it's so emotional because we could finally see them live after such a long time. We traveled all the way here just to see them," 14-year-old Sophia said.

After Jakarta, Why Don't We are going to perform in Australia and New Zealand before they return home for more gigs in the US.

Thousands of crowd brought banners and posters to welcome the band
The front row crowd. (JG Photo/Nur Yasmin)