Ethnic Experimental Group KunoKini Releases New Single


MARCH 02, 2016

Jakarta. Indonesian experimental ethnic act KunoKini announced their new single, "HeyBeb!!," with the release of its official lyrics video on Tuesday (01/03).

The new song — which blends hip-hop- and reggae-inflected verses with traditional instruments like North Sumatra's taganing and Javanese bonang — features singer Kallula as a guest vocalist. The lyrics and music were written by KunoKini's frontman Adhi Bhisma Whraspati, also known as Bhismo.

Formed in 2003 by Bhismo and Astari "Bebi" Achiel, KunoKini describes their own genre as "ethnic mystical experimental." The group now also includes Dzulkifri Putra Malawi as their third member. The name KunoKini itself is a combination of the Indonesian words for "ancient" and "current" — reflecting the group's penchant for mixing traditional Indonesian music with contemporary sounds.

The group also announced on an Instagram post on Tuesday that they will hold a launch party for the new single on Mar. 16 in Cipete, South Jakarta. The event will feature a number of guest musicians, including Kallula, Barasuara's Iga Massardi and Matajiwa's Reza Achman.

Watch the lyrics video of KunoKini's "HeyBeb!! (feat. Kallula)" below.