Donburi Ichiya's Salted Egg Karaage. (Photo courtesy of Donburi Ichiya)

"Would You Like Salted Egg With That?"


MARCH 17, 2018

The Indonesian capital is no stranger to food trends. Everything from frozen yogurt soft serve to rainbow-colored noodles has had its time in the sun (or in the tummy) in the capital. Now the city has moved on to the latest savory trend – salted egg.

All of a sudden, it seems almost every dish in the city can be ordered coated in the salty, gooey goodness. "Would you like salted egg with that?" is the new "Would you like fries with that?"

Every level of establishment, from streetside warung to classy diner, now has its own take on the Chinese-influenced dish. The Jakarta Globe picks four of the best places in Jakarta where you can satisfy your salted egg craving.

1. Eatlah

Salted egg chicken with sunny side up at Eatlah. (Photo Courtesy of Eatlah)

Eatlah ("Go on, eat") was founded and managed by three friends who know each other and how each other work very well: director Riesky Vernandes, marketing Director Charina Prinandita and  creative director Michael Chrisyanto. They are the minds behind one of Jakarta's most successful eateries.

As a business, Eatlah is heavily dependent on the food delivery service Go-Jek because many of their customers are office workers who have no time to leave their office to eat.

The founders see the brand as an Indonesian version of Yoshinoya, the Japanese fast-food chain famous for its gyūdon (beef bowl): "We're all about comfort food. Maybe other establishments are trying to jump on the hype [of salted egg]... but we're trying to introduce it as food that you can eat everyday, everywhere."

After two years, Eatlah now has 11 branches. Addresses: Jl. Bumi No.26 || Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 5 || Depok || Sunter || Bandung || Cipete || Grogol || PIK || Kelapa Gading || Bintaro || Gading Serpong

Contact: @eatlahjkt on Instagram

2. Donburi Ichiya

Donburi Ichiya's salted egg karaage. (Photo courtesy of Donburi Ichiya)

Donburi Ichiya means "overnight rice bowl" in Japanese. First you choose the size of the bowl (regular/mini), second the topping (salmon, fried chicken, skewered chicken or beef), third the sauce (garlic butter, soy honey, regular mayo, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, black pepper) and then you can add more toppings for an extra charge.

Their new salted egg karaage (fried chicken) menu is available with melted cheese or a soft boiled egg on top.

The salted egg sauce is not too creamy and hits all the right notes. It's unlikely you'll leave it overnight.

Addresses: Lippo Mall Puri @ St. Moritz, Lower Ground, Puri Indah || Neo SOHO Mall, 4th Floor, Tanjung Duren || PIK Avenue Mall, 2nd Floor, Pantai Indah Kapuk || Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue, 3rd Floor, Karet || Kota Kasablanka, Upper Ground, Tebet || Plaza Indonesia, 5th Floor, Thamrin.

Contact: 02129111006

3. Salt Inc.

Salted egg chicken birthday cake from Salt Inc. (Photo courtesy of Salt Inc.)

Other establishments may extend their menu beyond salted-egg fares, this place is pretty happy to stick with them.

Since March 2015, Salt Inc. has been selling salted egg chicken, dory, calamari and prawn on a bed of rice, pasta, fries or, yes, Indomie – Indonesians' favorite instant noodle brand.

Founder Prescilla Anggoro developed a taste for salted egg chicken when she lived in Singapore and decided to bring it here to Indonesia when she came home.

The portions are generous at Salt Inc., and the sauce is on the perfect side of creamy.

A definite highlight at Salt Inc. is its birthday cake. And yes, even this is made with salted egg.

The savory cake is made up of 2-6 layers of rice, omelette and fried noodles, with salted egg chicken on top. A sort of salty twist on the old nasi tumpeng.

Addresses: Permata Buana || Greenville || Kelapa Gading || Hang Tuah ||  Makassar

Contact: 081807807220 | @salt_inc on Instagram

4. Warunk Salted Egg

Spicy salted egg shrimp with a fried egg and extra cheese sauce from Warunk. (Photo courtesy of Warunk Salted Egg)

This unassuming place used to be called Casablanca 99, before it changed its name to Warunk Salted Egg to keep up with the trend in November last year.

It's options aplenty at Warunk: first you choose the base (rice, fried rice or fried Indomie noodles), second the topping (chicken, dory fish, shrimp or squid), third extra topping(s). Each order will come with a complimentary fried egg.

Address: Jalan Tebet Timur Dalam No. 62, Tebet Timur, South Jakarta.

Contact: 087885328988 | @warunk_saltedegg on Instagram