Guests taking part in a talk show during Film Musik Makan at the Goethe Institut in South Jakarta in April last year. (Photo courtesy of Kolektif Film)

Film Musik Makan Fest Returns With Acclaimed Films and Pandai Besi


FEBRUARY 16, 2017

Jakarta. The annual Film Musik Makan festival, a one-stop event to enjoy movies, live music and culinary arts, will return to Jakarta with "Turah," "Ziarah" and the Pandai Besi band on March 4.

Organized by Kolektif Film, the festival will kick off at 12 p.m. with "Ziarah."  The drama is a feature debut by BW Purbanegara, which follows an elderly woman in search of her husband's long-lost grave. Known for his short films, BW sold out all seats during the movie's premiere at the Jogja Asian Film Festival last year, followed by an extra showing the next day. This film has received the Best Asian Feature award at the 2016 Salamindanaw Asian Film Festival.

Singaporean drama "Apprentice" by Boo Junfeng marks the first foreign production at Film Musik Makan. Meiske Taurisia of Kolektif Film said she wanted to introduce a film from a neighboring country to Indonesian filmgoers. The drama reflects on the impact of the death penalty, which she believes will be relevant to an Indonesian audience.

Meiske said Film Musik Makan is all about celebrating independent filmmakers, musicians and culinary entrepreneurs, and they aim to draw attention to high-quality but lesser-known works than those easily found in malls, record stores, cinema chains and restaurants.

"Turah," a feature debut by Wicaksono Wisnu Legowo, won two awards at the Jogja Asian Film Festival and a special mention for an Asian feature at the 2016 Singapore International Film Festival. The drama follows Turah (Ubaidilah), Jadag (Slamet Ambari) and the people of Kampung Tirang as they live their daily lives in the poor and remote neighborhood until an unexpected turn of events puts the whole village in hardship. "Turah" will show at 7 p.m.

 The one-day event will end with a live performance by Pandai Besi, which is set to release a new single next month. 

Pandai Besi was established in 2013 by members of Efek Rumah Kaca – lead vocalist and guitarist Cholil Mahmud and drummer Akbar Bagus Sudibyo. It was one of their ways to cope with an indefinite hiatus of their band due to the illness of their bassist, Adrian Yunan Faisal. Pandai Besi recruited seven other members who used to be additional players in their live performances. They are Andi Sabarudin (guitar), Poppie Airil (bass), Muhammad Asranur (piano, keyboard), Agustinus Panji Mardika (trumpet, flute), Irma Hidayana (vocal), Natasha Abigail (vocal) and Monica Hapsari (vocal). They do not always play together in a single track.

The band's debut album and feature documentary "Daur, Baur" ("Recycled, Mingled"), released in 2013, was praised by magazines Rolling Stones Indonesia and Tempo as one of the best of the year.

Filmmakers Lola Amaria, Batara Goempar and Aline Jusria will be selling their culinary specialties at the festival, such as mie ayam kecombrang, grilled delicacies and loenpia Semarang.

Tickets for Film Musik Makan cost Rp 200,000 ($15) per person. It can be purchased at the venue, or booked via e-mail at