Designer Tommy Ambyo Tedji will showcase his unique and edgy collection at LA Fashion Week. (Photo courtesy of Asamedier)

Five Indonesian Designers to Participate in Los Angeles Fashion Week


SEPTEMBER 29, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesian designers Rinda Salmun, Tommy Ambyo Tedji, Jeffry Tan, Sav Lavin and Michelle Surjaputra are set to participate in Los Angeles Fashion Week on Oct. 4-8.

Their participation is part of the Indonesian Consulate General in Los Angeles and the Indonesian Women Alliance (IWA) initiative to promote Indonesian fashion globally.

"We see LAFW as an event with a great prospect. Fashion is closely connected to the lifestyle and entertainment industry in Los Angeles. This event is a great opportunity for us," IWA representative Myria Midiono said at a press conference in South Jakarta on Thursday (28/09).

Michelle will showcase 24 looks from her latest collection titled "Scarlette," which was inspired by Marie Antoinette.

The feminine yet feisty collection consists of neoprene bodysuits, crepe shirt-dresses and trousers.

Michelle said the looks can be upgraded by layering or styling them with sequined Baroque blazers and powder-pastel bustiers and bralettes.

"Many women in the creative industry are in need of statement pieces that can be dressed down or dressed up with ease," she said, adding that the collection embodies a champagne lifestyle with a soda pop attitude.

"Scarlette is designed with today's woman in mind. A strong, independent woman who accepts no judgment, endorsing what she wants, and doing what she wants."

Inspired by geometry, Jeffry's collection will incorporate strong lines and shapes, also inspired by street fashion with a slouchy yet sophisticated touch.

Tommy will showcase 18 looks that combine unconventional materials, like plastic and leather.

"I've always been fascinated by the mixed styles that are peculiar and edgy. Fashion has no limits, and designers can incorporate any strange materials [they want] in their collections."

Designer Tommy Ambyo Tedji will showcase his unique and edgy collection at LA Fashion Week. (Photo courtesy of Asamedier)

Adorned with colorful plastic fringes, a see-through top is paired with a long black skirt and a fringed clutch in black and white.

Tommy said he is taking an innovative approach by combining sci-fi aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship.

"I'd like to explore the boundaries of materials, shapes and concepts, while maintaining functionality."

LAFW will be held at the Santa Monica Promenade.