Five Ways to Find the Right Life Partner

MARCH 31, 2021

Jakarta. The quest for love can be thorny.

There are various things that can make it hard for someone to find a soulmate, starting from being too caught up with work, incompatibility, and so on. There are even those who decided to live alone until old age because they haven’t found the one.


But don’t lose hope. According to India Times and other sources, there are five steps for all the single people out there to find your soulmate.

Be Yourself

Try to get to know yourself before beginning your search. You must also think about what you actually want to achieve in life. This is important to build your confidence. If you find yourself worthy of being in a relationship, you will open your heart and eventually meet your life partner.  

Set the Right Criteria but Don’t Be Too Demanding

Set the criteria of someone who you would want to date. But remember, it is impossible to find someone without any flaws. Take a look at the criteria list. If it is too demanding, consider which criteria that you would like to hold on to and ones that are not. Consider all sides and do not be too forceful on the criteria that you wish for.

Find Someone You Are Most Comfortable With

The right partner is one that you are most comfortable with. Before taking things further, try to see if what you are experiencing is true love or if you have been blinded by love. You can see how compatible you are with your partner if both of you are emotionally stable and mature, can communicate well and have the same goal.

If blinded by love, it is best to think hard before tying the knot with them. A relationship that takes off from blinded love does not last long.

Do Not Be Afraid to Meet New People

Once you have set your goals, go out there and meet new people. If you are scared of meeting new people in real life, try out dating apps like The platform is not only accessible via website. app is also available on Play Store for Android devices and App Store for Ios.  The app enables you to meet new friends. If things go well, it can lead to a date and eventually a wedding. 

An online dating site is not only meant to find your soulmate, but you can also socialize to make new friends or even meet new business partners. Perhaps the person that you meet on a dating app will eventually introduce you to your soulmate.

Set Up a Meeting Date

Once you find someone, set up a meeting date. The good thing about a dating app is that you can know their identity and their traits from your online conversations. Start to get to know your partner once you have met them in real life. Put aside your phone and ask them questions starting from their activities, family, hobbies among others.