Jake Denney (left) and Onny Robert of Guvera. (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)

Guvera Lets Brands Pay Bands, Offers Music for Free


APRIL 04, 2016

Jakarta. A week before competitor Spotify launched its services in Indonesia last Wednesday(30/03), Australian music streaming service Guvera released version 3.0 of its free app, featuring more content and music channels.

Guvera's music channels offer more than just playlists, as they also provide recommendations, interviews, news, photo galleries and music reviews.

Speaking at a media gathering in Jakarta on March 23, Guvera's head of operations and marketing in Indonesia, Onny Robert, said Guvera is mainly aiming at customers looking to listen to music for free.

"Many people do not want to pay for music, so we are trying to get brands to pay for them. Guvera wants to be the platform where musicians and labels meet their listeners," he said.

Responding to Spotify's launch last week, Onny said it only shows the Indonesian music market's huge potential. Onny said Spotify and Apple Music are banking on their extensive catalogues. Guvera, on the other hand, is investing to work with local communities and offer more content than just music.

"Spotify and Apple Music are great for users who are willing to pay. Our focus is to offer free and legal music by making brands pay the musicians," he said.

Last year, Guvera launched its Los Angeles-based sister company House of Guvera, a musical venue and creative hub for artists, musicians and brand partners, where bands can play in an intimate setting. Located at the city's Arts District, the House of Guvera in Los Angeles is a pilot project for upcoming venues in Bombay, India, and Melbourne, Australia.

The content director for House of Guvera, Jake Denney, who was in Jakarta last week, said he was looking forward to open a similar venue in the Indonesian capital. Guvera plans to start off by hosting pop-up events before deciding on a more permanent venue.

The Guvera app was first made available to Indonesian customers in October 2013.