The third and final phase of Hackathon Merdeka is set to take place on Dec. 4-5 across 28 cities. (B1 Photo/Herman Genie)

Hackathon Merdeka Gears Up for Final Phase


NOVEMBER 16, 2015

Jakarta. A community of website developers called Code4Nation announced it is in the process of testing 70 competing mobile apps as the Hackathon Merdeka coding competition gears up to enter its final phase in December.

Picking up from Hackathon Merdeka 1.0 in August, the second phase staged on Oct. 24-25 focused on civil empowerment with the aim of solving issues related to citizenship, permits, education, human resources, security, crime, health and employment

Hackathon Merdeka 2.0 took place across 28 cities, including Surabaya, Denpasar and even Sydney.

Among the competition's finalists is Bandung-based Proclub Studio with its Mobile Posyandu app that allows Posyandu (health post) staff to process data for vaccines and nutrition in real time.

The third and final phase, Hackathon Merdeka 3.0, has gained the support of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) as it tackles the issue of corruption. Scheduled for Dec. 4-5, the event will be held simultaneously with similar competitions held in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others.

Code4Nation intends to help further develop the work of its Hackathon winner by meeting and working with various Indonesian ministries, according to Ainun Najib, a member of the event's organizing committee.