From left, Jusupta Tarigan, Crissy Guerrero, Miranda, and Bibong from Parara consortium during a press conference in Jakarta on Friday. (JG Photo/Diana Mariska)

Harvest Festival to Promote Local Delicacies to Youths


NOVEMBER 30, 2019

Jakarta. A festival will be held in the city next week to encourage young people in urban areas to consume local foods which have more nutrients and are certainly cheaper than imported foods.

The biennial National Great Harvest Festival or the Parara Festival 2019 also aims to promote sustainable local food industry.

Parara Consortium chairman Jusupta Tarigan said the largely untapped local food industry has big potentials but it needs to lure the younger generation from their preference for foreign foods.

“We aim to bring local foods from all over Indonesia closer to the city, especially to the millennial generation. It is almost as if their tongues have been 'colonized'. We try to make local foods as cool as foreign foods,” he said.

Jusupta said the consortium has 108 communities as members, not only from local food industry but also craft producers. Apart from foods festival, the event will also exhibit creative products from some of the communities. 

“Unfortunately, not all of the 108 members will be present at the festival, but so far we can confirm that there will be at least 40 booths,” Jusupta said.

Consortium members have founded the Parara Indonesian Ethical Store, a restaurant that uses ingredients from all over the country to prepare foods.

Crissy Guererro, who is in charge of the restaurant, said the kitchen had collected ingredients from Sumatra to Papua to offer genuine Indonesian foods. 

She assured that the restaurant offered reasonable prices on the menu.

“We will serve brownies made of sorghum that we collected from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. We reduce carbon footprint with our decision to use that instead of imported flour,” Crissy cited an example of the delicacies.

The third edition of Parara Festival will be held at Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta, on Dec. 6-8. The organizers said there will be talk show, craft workshop and entertainment programs during the festival.