Indonesia Hijabfest 2018 will be held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung, West Java, on May 2-5. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

Indonesia Hijabfest Comes to Bandung, Jakarta


APRIL 29, 2018

Jakarta. Indonesia Hijabfest 2018 will be held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung, West Java, on May 2-5.

"Indonesia Hijabest is an annual event that was started in Bandung in 2012," Sheena Krisnawati, founder of Indonesia Hijabfest, said during a press conference in Jakarta on Friday (27/04).

Sheena, who also owns event organizer company Kaminari Productions, came up with the idea for the Hijabfest in 2010.

"At that time, I had just started wearing hijabs, but I wanted to remain looking modern and fashionable," she said. "Then, I actively searched for stylish products to accommodate my needs. In my search, I discovered many creative products by local entrepreneurs that are actually very good and affordable."

A brief visit to attend the Halal Expo in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2011 opened her eyes to the immense opportunities of the modern Muslim fashion industry.

"[Turkey] is a conservative country, but their hijab styles are very chic and forward, just like the Europeans," Sheena said. "I believe we, in Indonesia, can do much more. We have immense talents and resources to produce creative products in modest wear and Syar'i fashion, and thus, we can also boost the country's economy."

The first Indonesia Hijabfest was held in Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung, in June 2012. The debut event featured about 100 Muslim fashion brands by Bandung entrepreneurs.

"It was booming," Sheena said.

According to the founder, the first event, also held over four days, drew 38,000 visitors and generated Rp 3.6 billion ($260,000).

The seventh event this year will combine fashion, cuisine and tauziah (religious teachings).

This year's event will present 120 Muslim fashion brands by Bandung-based entrepreneurs, as well as culinary delights of the city.

Indonesian author and motivational speaker Ippho Santosa will present a talk show, themed "Tujuh Keajaiban Rezeki" (Seven Secrets of Fortune), on the opening day of the event on Wednesday.

"In the talkshow, the speaker will share tips on how to make a fortune in blessed, halal ways," the founder of the event said.

Actress Dewi Sandra will also present a talkshow on the second day of the event, themed 'Because We Are Precious Muslimah'.

On Friday, Ustad Hanan Attaki will present a seminar, titled "Online With Allah."

"Ustad Hanan is very popular with young people these days," Sheena said. "We hope his presence [at the seminar] will encourage more young people to come to our event."

Aside from the scheduled seminars and talk shows, visitors can also enjoy music performances by Indonesia's top artists.

On Friday, singer and songwriter Melly Goeslaw will perform at a charity concert for Palestine.

On Saturday, the last day of the event, singer Afgansyah Reza will also present a concert in the convention hall of Sasana Budaya Ganesha Bandung.

But a fashion event is nothing without fashion shows.

"This year, we have challenged our tenants to prepare a fashion collection of Muslim outfits for mothers and daughters," Sheena said. "This challenge is based on visitors' demands from previous years."

In addition to the shows, visitors can also watch make-up demos and hijab tutorials by the main sponsor of the event, Wardah Cosmetics.

"It's a very positive event," said Elsa Maharani of Wardah Cosmetics. "These days, many women feel moved to wear hijabs. We fully support this movement, as well as Indonesia's target to become a center of global Muslim fashion by 2020."

This year's event is expected to draw about 40,000 visitors and generate approximately Rp 5 billion.

Indonesia Hijabfest will also be held in Jakarta for the first time this year.

The event will have a second showing at The Hall, Senayan City, Jakarta, on May 30-June 2.

The debut event in Jakarta will feature 60 local brands from Bandung and Jakarta.

During the four-day event, there will be two fashion parades featuring some of the participating brands.

Ustad Hanan Attaki is also scheduled to present a seminar during the event in Jakarta.

"With these events, we hope Indonesia's Muslim fashion will continue to grow and boost the country's creative industry," Sheena Krisnawati said.