Indonesia is Muslim millennials' second-favorite holiday destination based on a recent report from Mastercard-Halal Trip Muslim Millennial Travel Report. (Reuters Photo/Yuya Shino)

Indonesia Promotes Halal-Friendly Tourism at Malaysian Expo


APRIL 11, 2017

Jakarta. Tourism Ministry representatives participated at the 14th Malaysia International Halal Showcase, or Mihas, in Kuala Lumpur in April to promote the country's diverse, halal-friendly cuisine to foreign audiences in a bid to attract more international tourists to the archipelago.

In a statement received by the Jakarta Globe, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya expressed hope that Indonesia will become the top destination for halal tourism in the Muslim world.

"The market for halal tourism is huge, and there’s high spending," Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said in the statement on April 11.

Halal-friendly tourism is marketed mainly to attract Muslim families interested in experiencing diverse cuisine and wholesome activities, in accordance with Koranic doctrine. 

On April 5-8, the Tourism Ministry exhibited a specially curated, halal-friendly presentation of the "Wonderful Indonesia" campaign for visitors at Mihas.

The event, one of the largest halal product exhibitions in Asia, occurs annually and is organized by Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

This year, more than 550 companies and organizations participated in the event, representing more than 33 countries from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and East Asia.

To further improve its capacity to accommodate halal-friendly tourism, Indonesia is working towards achieving a global standard in halal offerings.

"Thailand and Singapore are attractive destinations among Muslim travelers because they currently have halal certifications and are known for excellent services – that’s what we’re working on," Arief said.