Models pose at the end of 'Trend Presentation 2018' fashion show. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

Indonesian Fashion Chamber Showcases 'Trend Presentation 2018'


DECEMBER 02, 2017

Jakarta. The Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber, an association of Indonesian fashion designers, presented "Trend Presentation 2018" in a fashion show at the Lippo Mall Kemang, South Jakarta, on Saturday (25/11).

Eight designers from the association showcased their 2018 collections, each of them presenting six new looks.

Classic Elegance

The fashion show opened with "El Viaje" ("The Journey" in Spanish) by Muslim fashion designer Fitri Aulia.

"My inspiration for the collection came from the history of Muslim immigrants in Spain. Throughout the years, [the community] had grown bigger, blended with local cultures and lived harmoniously with the mostly Catholic population," Fitri said.

The collection featured A-line long dresses embellished with discreet ruffles, floral prints and tasteful color blocks. Paired with simple wrap-around jilbabs with bold carnation prints, the outfits looked effortlessly elegant.

A dress by Fitri Aulia. (Photo courtesy of IFC Jakarta)


Muslim fashion designer Hannie Hananto presented an adorable collection themed "Hot Air Balloon."

"I was inspired by the pictures and videos of Cappadocia," said the designer who also chairs the Jakarta chapter of IFC.

"I've always wanted to go there and take a hot air balloon ride over the region."

Hannie still does not know when her dream will come true and when she will go to Turkey, so she poured her imagination and creativity into the new collection instead.

The collection features simple abayas, blouses and palazzo pants adorned with contrasting color blocks, appliqués and embroideries depicting hot air balloons.

A cute dress by Hannie Hananto. (Photo courtesy of IFC Jakarta)

"My collection takes on the [IFC's] 'Digitarian' Muslim fashion trend of 2018, which is a riot of bold colors and patterns," Hannie said.

"I believe this upcoming trend will invigorate Indonesia's Muslim fashion industry."


Senior fashion designer Wignyo Rahadi presented a chic ready-to-wear collection themed "Selaras Garis" ("Harmonious Stripes").

The collection is entirely made of tenun Sundawa fabrics produced by traditional weavers from Pringgasela in the eastern part of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, under the patronage of Bank Indonesia.

The designer fell in love with the textiles when he visited the village in early November.

"Tenun Sundawa has beautiful stripe motifs inspired by the main river in the village that irrigates the paddy fields in the area," said Wignyo, who is also the national vice chairman of IFC.

The designer created modern ready-to-wear items for women.  The clean-cut silhouettes of the outfits, combined with the simple stripe patterns of the textiles and their subdued colors, make the collection look both chic and modern.

A dress by Wignyo Rahadi. (Photo courtesy of IFC Jakarta)

"All handwoven fabrics from Pringgasela are colored with natural dyes made of roots, leaves and tree barks," Wignyo said.

Fashion designer Novita Yunus also presented a beautiful collection made of tenun Sundawa from Pringgasela.

"I think their fabrics are easy to work with. The materials are thick, which makes them perfect for coats and jackets. And the colors and patterns are quiet and very elegant," she said.

Novita's collection consists of tailored jackets, kebaya-inspired blouses and culottes in earthy tones.

"I hope the collection will inspire other fashion designers to dig more into Indonesia's cultural riches and make something modern and beautiful out of them," she said.