Indonesia's Ada Band Releases New Album 'Chemistry'


MARCH 29, 2016

Jakarta. Ada Band recently released their new album "Chemistry," marking the Indonesian pop-rock band's thirteenth record since its inception in 1997.

The four-piece group — made up of vocalist Donnie Sibarani, guitarist Marshal Surya Rachman, bassist Suriandika Satjadibrata and drummer Aditya Pratama — infused the album with a number of music genres, from reggae and pop to rock.

"We are trying to package this album in a fresh way, but still with the musical nuance of Ada Band," Donnie said at a press conference in Jakarta last Wednesday (23/03), as quoted by "Through this album, we want to show that Ada Band still exists, so our fans must get our thirteenth album."

Consisting of 10 tracks including "I'm Crazy About You" and "Kaulah Kesukaanku" ("You're My Favorite"), the album also stands for the band's longstanding career in music.

"Each of us has a unique character and interests, but we share a chemistry that turns [our friendship] into something beautiful and interesting," Donnie said, referring to the inspiration behind the album title. "This chemistry is what keeps us together for almost 20 years."