Members of the Ayo Dongeng Indonesia (Let's Tell a Story Indonesia) community perform in Jakarta. (Photo courtesy of Ayo Dongeng Indonesia)

Indonesia's International Fairytale Festival to Enchant Jakarta in November


OCTOBER 29, 2019

Jakarta. Indonesia's International Fairytale Festival will be held at the National Museum in Jakarta on Nov. 2-3.

The festival's theme last year was "Kisah Bahagia" (Happy Tales). The performers included national and international storytellers, such as Richard Dian Vilar from the Philippines and Giovanna Conforto from Italy.

This year's theme is "Kisah Para Pahlawan" (Heroes' Tales). The highlights of the festival include Hawaiian storyteller Jeff Gere, dancer and singer Depaa Kiran from India and artists Roger Jenkins from Singapore and Ng Kok Keong from Malaysia.

Indonesian storytellers Uncle Gery, Rona Mentari and many more will deliver tales of heroes for children and families.

“We will share heroic moral values that children can appreciate and even take on, especially their parents' stories. They are the children's first heroes," organizer Ayo Dongeng Indonesia (Let's Tell a Story Indonesia) said in a statement.

"To us, heroes are people who are willing to sacrifice themselves, who are brave, empathic and have an unshakeable belief in what is right. Heroes could be [wayang heroine] Srikandi, [independence fighter] Bung Tomo, the doctor at the hospital, parents, teachers, storytellers, even the garbageman," it said.

Other than storytelling, the festival will also offer performances by dance groups and bands. Classes on fairytales and creative storytelling will also be available.

Entry to the festival is free with entrance to the museum.