A cute blouse by Andreas Odang. (Photo courtesy of Studio One)

IPMI's Fashion Trend for 2018 Is 'Unity' of Styles, Ideas


NOVEMBER 04, 2017

Jakarta. The Indonesian Fashion Designers Council, or IPMI, presented its 2018 trend show at The Hall in Senayan City shopping mall in South Jakarta from Oct. 31 to Nov. 1.

This was the 31st trend show presented by the association, founded in Jakarta in 1985.

"It has not been easy to maintain our consistency [in presenting trend shows] for 31 consecutive years," IPMI chairwoman Sjamsidar Isa said during a press conference on Tuesday (31/10). "But we've always realized that, as a [fashion] organization, we have the responsibility to provide people with fashion direction for the following year, as well as create a platform to showcase the creativity of our members."

The theme of this year's trend show was "Unity."

"Our members proposed this theme for IPMI's trend show this year," said Tri Handoko, an IPMI member and executive chairman of 2018 IPMI Trend Show. "[The theme] signifies the wish of our members to unite their strengths [in the association] and offer a unique perspective on Indonesia's fashion industry."

Different from previous years, IPMI did not present a series of fashion shows, and instead showcased members' collections in a fashion installation at The Hall. Eight IPMI members presented their collections.

Some of the Best Collections

The Hall was entirely clad in white for the trend show, which saw the members each design their own presentation booth in accordance with the theme of their collection.

Andreas Odang presented an adorable spring/summer 2018 women's wear collection themed "La Félicité" ("Happiness").

The collection was inspired by the fun character of Japanese artist Gaku Igarashi, who collaborated with Odang during the Bazaar Art Fair Jakarta in July this year.

In Odang's designs and Igarashi's quirkiness are translated into an interplay of horizontal stripes and polka dots in vibrant colors.

A cute blouse by Andreas Odang. (Photo courtesy of Studio One)

Odang presented sexy dresses with narrow waistlines and full skirts à la 1950s in the trend show. Some of them are also adorned with ruffles that resemble tulip and rose petals.

In contrast, Tri Handoko presented a monochromatic collection, themed "Black Dandy."

The term is derived from an old joke for black slaves made to dress according to European styles in the 19th century. But today, the term has a positive connotation of dressing elegantly to represent your social status.

In line with the theme, Handoko presented a series of women's office wear with a strong masculine undertone.

Handoko's shirts and blouses are elegant and clean-cut. Devoid of unnecessary embellishments, the designs highlight the quality of materials used, as well as his workmanship.

His jackets and pants are precisely tailored, with some of them adorned with pleats and volumizing flaps.

Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) head Triawan Munaf was impressed with the fashion installation.

"The concept of the fashion installation [for the trend show] is well thought out," Triawan said. "With the fashion installation, each designer can express the concept of their collections much more freely. And also, visitors can take longer to really scrutinize each item in the collection."

New IPMI Member

On the opening night of the trend show, IPMI also inaugurated its newest member, Norma Moi, the founder and chief creative director of up-and-coming modest wear label Norma Hauri.

"IPMI always selects its members very carefully," Tri Handoko said. "And this year, we've all voted for Norma because her designs have a strong and unique character. She has also been very consistent in her work."

Norma Hauri's modest wear display an edgy, avant-garde style.

"It's quite an honor for me [to be selected as an IPMI member]," Norma said. "IPMI is a reputable fashion designers' organization and I've always looked up to many of their senior members."

IPMI currently has 52 members, including Norma. Among the famous names in the organization is Indonesian couture designer Sebastian Gunawan.

Norma presented her spring/summer 2018 collection themed "Amarna" during the trend show.

Amarna was an ancient Egyptian capital city, founded by Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti.

A model and mannequins present Norma Hauri's collection. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

Inspired by Nefertiti, the dresses in Norma's collection are glamorous. Their rigid structures represent the magnificent pyramids, as well as the queen's strong personality.

Some of the materials used for the dresses are embossed with unique hieroglyphic characters.

"Now that I've been elected as an IPMI member, I want to be even more serious in my career," Norma said. "I want to help develop Indonesia's fashion industry."