Jadipandai Provides ‘Entertaining’ Learning Platform

NOVEMBER 28, 2020

Jakarta. Management consultancy firm Priority Banking School has launched a free education application which it claims is a mixture of entertainment and digital learning.

The app, JadiPandai.com, is a collaboration of content providers specializing in music, technology, cookery, science, photography and fashion, the company said in a statement.

The online platform comes with various learning programs through webinars, online courses and talk shows. It also interacts with users on podcasts and blogs.

During the launch on Saturday, the app ran a talk show featuring famous actress and activist Dian Sastrowardoyo and senior banker Hery Gunardi, discussing “Seven Habits of Truly Happy People”.

In a separate event, a music concert featuring singer Tulus was streamed live from the aquatic stadium in Senayan, Central Jakarta.

The company said JadiPandai.com aims to introduce heavier content in digital economy, entrepreneurship and vocational training while transforming learning method into the one that is entertaining, creative and exciting.

“With more than a decade of experience in vocational training especially in sales skill, Priority Banking School has developed JadiPandai.com  to share knowledge and skill to the public. The platform seeks to build a foundation on which learning becomes an essential part of our lifestyle and to help create skillful, professional and competitive human resources,” the company’s president director Dewi Wiranti said.

“JadiPandai.com combines learning and entertainment to deliver intriguing and interesting learning experience.”

The platform is founded on an idea that education should be available for every element of the society, she added.

The backbone of the app is “The Expert Meets the Famous” talk show that features carefully selected public figures from top businesspeople to politicians and from celebrities to academicians who will sharing their thoughts and knowledge with users.

JadiPandai.com also provides free vocational courses and webinars on various topics such as business, finance, hobby and sports, she said.