(Photo courtesy of Tubuhku Otoritasku)

Jakarta Festival Highlights Body Authority to Celebrate International Women's Day


MARCH 07, 2016

Jakarta. A Jakarta festival Tubuhku Otoritasku (My Body, My Authority) takes on body diversity and authority to celebrate the upcoming International Woman's Day in a Friday (11/03) celebration at Kinosaurus in Kemang, South Jakarta.

The festival is founded by  a feminist collective Mari Jeung Rebut Kembali, which includes singer Kartika Jahja of Tika and the Dissidents band, vocalist of Witches and founder of Bracode magazine Savina Hutadjulu, founder of New Men organization Shera Rindra, vocalist of Wonderbra Teraya Paramehta and artist Ika Vantiani.  

Tika and the Dissidents will launch a music video for their single "Tubuhku Otoritasku," which is a collaborative work between the band and other collectives associated with Mari Jeung Rebut Kembali members.

On Friday, the band will also be releasing the digital version of their newest album "Merah" ("Red"). Fellow bands Wonderbra and Witches will also be making performances, along with open mic by young and promising poets Rain Chudori, Firliana Purwanti, Agustine, Rika Rosvianti and Andi Gunawan.

Tika and the Dissidents is Tika as lead vocalist, Luky Annash (piano), Susan Agiwitanto (bass), Okky Rahman Oktavian (drums) and Iga Massardi (guitar). Their debut album is the original soundtrack of thriller movie "Pintu Terlarang" ("The Forbidden Door") by Joko Anwar in 2008. Their last album is "The Headless Songstress" in 2009.

International Women's Day falls on March 8.

Tubuhku Otoritasku Festival will kick off at 7 p.m on March 11.