The Jakarta Ramadan modest-fashion event, held at Plaza Indonesia on May 7-14, included trunk shows, talk shows and workshops. (B1 Photo/Dina Fitri Anisa)

'Jakarta Ramadan' Promotes Modest Fashion


MAY 10, 2019

Jakarta. Designers from Indonesia and abroad displayed their work during Jakarta Ramadan, a fashion event that forms part of Modest Fashion Week Global, at Plaza Indonesia shopping mall in Central Jakarta on May 7-14.

Under the theme "Ramadan on the Island: Urban Modest Lifestyle," the event included various activities, ranging from trunk shows and talk shows to workshops. It also brought local and international designers together on the same stage.

Jakarta Ramadan was initiated by local brand #Markamarie. Franka Soeria, the founder of Modest Fashion Week Global, said the event was a modest lifestyle oasis, which would not only showcase fashion, but also highlight business, art, beauty and technology.

"We want to encourage modest fashion in Indonesia more than trends and styles. What exactly is the importance of the word 'modest?' That's what we want to say. We want designers to not only focus on working and competing, but also to inspire," Franka said during the event.

On the first day, Jakarta Ramadan presented 14 fashion shows, 20 fashion outlets, a series of talk shows and workshops with influencers, celebrities and prominent members of the Indonesian community. The success of last year's Jakarta Modest Fashion Week encouraged dozens of international and local designers to participate this year.

Among them were international brands such as Bokitta of Lebanon, Choiys and Y5Star of South Korea, Huw Roman Tokyo of Japan and Madame Pashmina of Turkey. Distinguished local designers such as Vivi Zubedi, Medina Zein and Devi Janeeta also participated. Other than #Markamarie, local brands Fatih Indonesia, Rhani and Buttonscarves were also present.

Fashion for Good

Franka said he wanted to spread the goodness of Jakarta Ramadan through "Fashion for Good," a presentation by #Markamarie X United Nations Refugee Agency.

"Fashion for Good" is rooted in the Benang Project, a social program Franka initiated through his brand to provide training to refugees in Indonesia.

"This training includes the ability to design, pattern, sew, create a brand, shooting techniques and fashion shows to help refugees connect with the Indonesian people," he said.

The Benang Project's work attracted global attention after the introduction of #Markamarie at various international fashion events in Jakarta, Paris, Istanbul and Dubai.

#Markamarie aims to be the gateway of modest fashion in Asia through a variety of strategic collaborations on the local and international level.