A series of film screenings and charity concerts have been organized in Jakarta to help victims of last month's earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. (SP Photo/Ruth Semiono)

Jakarta's Art Scene Unites to Raise Money for Palu Earthquake and Tsunami Victims

OCTOBER 11, 2018

Jakarta. Artists, filmmakers, singers and musicians in Jakarta have organized a series of fundraisers to help victims of last month's earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi.

Palu, Donggala and nearby towns in the province were hit by a 7.4-magnitude earthquake on Sept. 28, followed by a tsunami that has so far killed 2,045 people.

Komunitas Seniman Palu (Palu Art Community) and Komunitas Fimmaker Palu (Palu Filmmakers Community or Sinekoci) held a film screening at Institut Francais d'Indonésie in Central Jakarta on Monday (08/10) to raise money for survivors of the twin disasters.

13 films were played at the fundraising event, including works by Palu filmmakers Yusuf Radjamuda – "Halaman Belakang" ("Backyard"), "Matahari" ("Sun") and "Wrong Day," Ancha Latief – "WC Terbang" ("Flying Toilet"), "Umar-Amir" and Galang Larope's "Seko."

Film director Sarah Adilah told gatra.com the screening is also a good introduction to the works of Palu filmmakers, who – despite their isolation – are regulars in film festivals around the country.

"This is a good and rare chance to see all these films at the same time," Sarah said.

Jakarta's Muhammadiyah University (UMJ) and M-Pictures also held a film screening to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami victims on Wednesday.

The event was called "East Cinema" and held at the UMJ campus.

The organizer chose films by directors from Palu, Ambon, Papua and Makassar. There were also films from war-torn countries such as Iraq, Kurdistan and Afghanistan.

Money raised from the screening will be given to SudutPandang Palu, an education organization based in Palu.

On Thursday, online film magazine Cinema Poetica will also hold a film screening and fundraiser for the Palu and Donggala earthquake victims at Estubizi Coworking Space in South Jakarta at 6 p.m.

The screening will feature films that follow the everyday life of people in Palu and Donggala.

Nine films will be screened, including Charles Edward's "Anganku Tinggi Ke Bawah" ("Hopes on the Floor"), Yusuf Radjamuda's "Wrong Day," Ancha Latief's "WC Terbang," Galang Larope's "Seko," Lucy Arie's "Suara Sarau" ("Sounds of Sarau") and Mohammad Ifdhal's "Lagundi."

The Cinema  Poetica screening is open to the public. There is an entry fee of Rp 50,000 ($3). All earnings will be donated to Palu's earthquake victims.

Singers and musicians also held a charity concert at Lippo Kemang Village in South Jakarta last week to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami victims.

The concert was organized by Indonesia's Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) in collaboration with Tokopedia, Komunitas Biduan and Iluni UI.

More than 100 singers and musicians performed at the concert, including dangdut singer Iis Dahlia, pop divas Krisdayanti, Raisa and Titi DJ, crooner Tulus and rock singer Ariel Noah.