In conjunction with National Museum Day on October 12, Amika-TMII, will hold an event titled Gebyar Pesona Museum Nusantara on Oct. 27 to 31. (JG Photo/Diella Yasmine)

Jakarta's Taman Mini to Celebrate National Museum Day


OCTOBER 24, 2017

Jakarta. In conjunction with National Museum Day on October 12, the Association of Museum Indonesia Kawasan Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or Amika-TMII, will hold the annual Gebyar Pesona Museum Nusantara event on Oct. 27 to 31.

The four-day event aims to bring communities together and introduce museums as fun places to learn about local arts and culture.

"We are hopeful that this event will attract more people, especially younger generations, to come to the museums more often and hopefully they will love and appreciate it," said Sigit Gunardjo, head of AMIKA, at a press conference in East Jakarta on Wednesday (18/10).

The theme of "Satu Cinta Untuk Museum" (One Love For Museum) was chosen to represent AMIKA’s hope to revive museums across the country.

"With this event, we hope that people will fall in love with museums. If they fall in love with it, they will always remember it and promote it to others. That way we can continue to preserve it."

In contrast with previous events, Amika is taking advantage of online technology to provide visitors with online apps to keep up with the event’s programs and schedule.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and on iOS devices.

Sigit also said that the event aims to strengthen partnerships with other museums across Indonesia as well as build more connections with local and international communities.

"Museums no longer serve as places for archaic objects but are places where people can learn about the past to create a better future in a fun and exciting way."

"This year we are planning to revitalize our museums to attract more visitors, such as holding a monthly event or other creative activities."

Since the first edition of the Gebyar Pesona Museum Nusantara was held in 2015, Amika has seen an annual increase in the number of visitors.

"We started with only 500 visitors and increased to 1,500 the second year and we are targeting 5,000 this year. It seems impossible but looking at the enthusiasm from our previous visitors, we are pretty sure that we can hit the target," he added.

Various activities, such as a museum adventure, talk shows, public discussions and a book launching of "Museums in Taman Mini" will be featured at the event.