Jember Fashion Carnival Documented by More Than One Thousand Photographers: Ministry


AUGUST 15, 2017

Jakarta. More than one thousand local and foreign photographers descended on the 2017 Jember Fashion Carnival in Jember, East Java, over the weekend, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

"We recorded one thousand photographers applying for coverage permits. There are also those who came directly without registering, and we still allowed them. There were also hundreds of members from several photography communities," said Dyand Fariz, the carnival's president, on Saturday (12/08).

The fashion carnival was held on Aug. 9-13.

"This year, hobbyists had to pay tickets to cover the carnival. They received t-shirts, while journalists were granted free entry," he said.

A TV reporter from England, Garry Talbot, said he intended to make a documentary film about the carnival.

Talbot also covered the opening of the JFC International Event on Thursday.

"We are amazed with the extraordinary ideas and the costumes used by the participants. I am very interested with the parade’s themes," Talbot said.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said the carnival has brought Jember international recognition, while calling the East Java hub the "World’s Carnival City."

Other carnival cities across the globe include Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

"Everyone has acknowledged that JFC is world class. To embody that, the ministry has set Jember as a carnival city," Arief said.

"By establishing [Jember] as a world-class carnival city, the commercial or financial values will be elevated."