Katy Perry earned $135 million in the past 12 months, thanks to a huge worldwide "Prismatic" tour. (Photo courtesy of Ismaya Live and Sound Rhythm)

Katy Perry Gives Jakarta Fans the Teenage Dream

MAY 14, 2015

From acrobatic dance routines, sparkling candy-colored costumes, a three-meter mechanic golden Egyptian horse and the infamous inflatable smiling poop, thousands of excited “KatyCats” had a memorable night as their idol Katy Perry roared at her second ever concert in Indonesia Saturday night.

Perry, dressed in a dark purple tiger body suit and color-coordinated knee-high boots, kicked off the show with the “Prismatic” act in which she sang her singles “Roar,” “Part of Me” and a dub-step version of “Wide Awake.”

The 30-year-old singer then hit backstage, followed by a video interlude displaying Perry’s face formed out of stars and planets in space.

Perry — looking like a Cleopatra as she donned an Egyptian-themed outfit, complete with a sparkling leotard and a purple-gold skirt — appeared on stage atop a mechanical horse as she performed “Dark Horse” and moved on to “E.T.”

“Legendary Lovers” was performed before “I Kissed a Girl,” when Perry was accompanied by dancers dressed as Rubenesque mummies with massive breasts and rear-ends.

The singer exited the stage and a video, featuring a cat being transported from the Pyramids of Giza to “Kittywood,” came on, shuffling to the next act “Cat-oure.”

Perry returned to the stage in a pink sequinned leopard cat-suit with a tail, a matching pink plastic hat and cat ears as the music started playing a jazz version of her hit “Hot n Cold,” followed by “International Smile” intermingled with Madonna’s “Vogue” to which the singer and her dancers performed a short catwalk act.

Perry left the stage for another costume change and re-entered as a “fairy” as she wore a sunflower-themed sparkling green dress and soft rainbow-colored wig as the sound of piano being played slowly filled the hall of Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in Banten.

“Are you guys having fun yet?” the singer asked, with a boisterous “yes” response the crowd. 

“A pretty good way to spend your Saturday night, eh?” she added.

Perry then asked “Do you think anybody can come up [to stage] and teach me a little bit of your language?” to the some 10,000 strong audience, which instantly turned into an enormous scream of “yes.”

Perry then picked a girl named Cindy who was wearing a pizza-themed outfit.

The couple had a short Bahasa Indonesia 101 session where Perry nailed saying “thank you” and “I love you” before they took a bunch of selfies.

“I know the reason we’re all here tonight is because we love music. And I hope that you all love mine, too,” the singer said before she then performed songs acoustically, namely “By the Grace of God” and a mash-up of “The One That Got Away” and “Thinking of You.”

“We’ve been on this tour for over a year. We’ve played 138 shows before tonight. We’ve traveled so many places to finally get here. I’m glad we’re back in Indonesia,” Perry said.

“You guys are a great crowd. You’re one of the best crowds. And I love you unconditionally,” she said leading in to “Unconditionally” as five massive colorful butterfly kites entered the hall enhancing the romantic mood brewing among the flocked crowd.

For the concert’s entire last act “Hyper Neon,” Perry changed into a two-piece pink body suit with the tips colored green, a pair of matching thigh-high stockings completed with heels and wore an ombre green wig pulled down into two small buns.

She performed a mix of dance version of her singles like “Walking on Air,” “This Is How We Do,” “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” “Teenage Dream” and “Californian Gurls.” 

During this section, dancers came on and off stage bringing inflatable cars and letters forming famous abbreviations such as “Y.O.L.O.” and “L.O.L.” before recreating the Hollywood Sign.

For the encore, an interlude called “Prism-Vision” was played, where the audience were encouraged to put on a special rainbow-star diffraction glasses to magnify the visual effects of the performance before Perry emerged with a long black wig adorning orange-red firework inspired dress with glittery neon blue corset, pans and heels to perform the last song of the night “Firework.”

During the song reaching its climax, two massive confetti poppers exploded and the show ended with Perry thanking the crowd as she exited the stage.

“Thank you, Indonesia. God bless you!” she said.

Despite her magical stage act and design which Perry reportedly designed herself, the singer was noticeably a little bit out of breath when performing the upbeat numbers, but her voice really soared above the choir-like crowd singing along with her acoustic renditions.

“I don’t listen to her music, but I think her performance was really good and it was all fun, fun, fun,” said Max Ortmans, who is originally from the Netherlands but currently in the country visiting his die-hard “KatyCat” girlfriend.

The Prismatic concert, which is in support of Perry’s fourth album “Prism” (2013), was most likely everything that sums up all the reasons why she is currently one of the most creative female artists across the globe as the concert oozed top-notched technical creativity and pure professionalism. For me, I just wish “MommaCat” had brought along the dancing sharks from Super Bowl.