TV host Dave Hendrik at the 'SamKim' press conference in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, on Monday (20/02). (Photo courtesy of SamKim)

Keeping Healthy Key to Aging Gracefully: TV Host Dave Hendrik


FEBRUARY 23, 2017

Jakarta. TV presenter Dave Hendrik hosted a press conference for South Korea's skincare brand SamKim in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, on Monday (20/02). As Dave announced five new icons for the skincare product and its promotional plans for 2017, audience couldn't help but notice his glowing skin and youthful complexion. Dave's new curly hair also gave him a charming, boyish look.

After the press conference, the presenter sat with the Jakarta Globe and shared the secrets to his new, fresher look.


Hi Dave. You look great today, especially with your new hair.

Oh, thank you. I just wanted to try a different look [with the curly hairdo]. I'm glad it suits me.

It does. We also notice your fresh, healthy skin. Do you follow a special regime to treat it?

I'm not the type of person who goes to salons to do facials, that's just not me. I realized since I was a teenager that I'm blessed with great, maintenance-free skin. I've never had any pimple. And I can wear any type of cosmetics without developing an allergic reaction. However, when I turned 35 [four years ago], I started noticing wrinkles around my eyes, cheeks and forehead. So, I consulted several dermatologists in Jakarta. All of them say my skin is a "dry skin" type. And this type of skin will lose suppleness and tenacity as we get old, since it produces less and less collagen.

So what do you do about it?

The dermatologists urged me to eat more red meat; red meat is a good source of collagen. I don't like red meat, so I really have to force myself to enjoy it. And I also apply Vitamin C serum on my face twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening. And I never go out without slapping on sunscreen.

You also look a lot leaner these days. Did you go on a diet?

I've tried all kinds of diet to no avail. I became slimmer when I dieted, but my weight would soar again once I stopped. Now I do mindful eating. It's amazing. I've lost 12 kgs in only three months.

Oh, wow. What's mindful eating?

It basically means that you should totally be there when eating. So, I no longer eat while watching TV, talking or checking my phone. My friends say that I now look as if I'm praying when I'm eating. I truly focus and savor my meals.

Is that all? Are there any do's and don'ts in the diet?

Well, you can basically eat all you like, as long as you do it mindfully. And it works. When you eat mindfully, you tend to eat more healthily. And when you truly enjoy your meals, you become full much sooner and so you eat less.

Do you exercise?

Yes, I go to the gym once or twice a week. I also brisk walk around my housing complex four times a week.

As a top presenter, you must have a very tight schedule. How do you keep fit?

I've been green-juicing for a couple of years now. And I try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night.

What's green-juicing?

It's a combination of fruit-and-vegetable juice that I drink first thing in the morning. Mine is usually 70% vegetables — spinach, Chinese cabbage — and 30% fruits, either apple or pineapple.

How does it affect your body?

It gives me an extra kick in the morning. I become more energized and rarely ill.

That's fantastic.

Yes. We should really be taking care of our body when we're still young. We'll reap the results when we get older.