Levi's Indonesia Presents Special Collections for Ramadan and Idul Fitri


MAY 27, 2018

Jakarta. Denim jeans might not be the first thing that pops into our minds when we prepare our wardrobes for Ramadan and Idul Fitri. But let's admit it, these are among the most versatile clothing items, which we can easily mix and match and wear to almost every occasion.

Pioneering jeans brand Levi's presented its special collections for Ramadan and Idul Fitri in Jakarta on Tuesday (22/05).

"Ramadan and Idul Fitri are among the most important moments for Indonesia's fashion industry," said Adita Idris, head of marketing at Levi's Indonesia. "And that's why we're now launching new collections specially for this season."

The collections are named after three main activities usually associated with Ramadan and Idul Fitri, which are Buka Puasa (Iftar), Mudik (Homecoming) and Lebaran (Idul Fitri).

In the Buka Puasa collection, Levi's features casual looks that combine regular and slim-fit denim pants with button-up shirts for men and women in a variety of indigo hues.

Classic plaid patterns enhance some of the shirts in the collection.

An outfit from Levi's Buka Puasa collection. (Photo courtesy of Iris)

"People usually go straight from their campuses or offices to restaurants for iftar, so [in this collection], we're presenting something that they can easily wear from day to night."

Levi's presented more relaxed looks in its Mudik collection.

Presenting this collection, the female models wore light cotton tank-tops and loose-fitted blouses with floral prints, matched with Levi's 710 skinny cropped jeans that extended to just above their ankles.

An outfit from the Mudik collection. (Photo courtesy of Iris)

The male models on the other hand, wore a combination of regular-fit denim pants, T-shirts with simple graphics and trucker jackets. A scarf tied around the neck added a macho touch to the overall look.

"All denim pants in this collection are made with our latest Performance Cool technology, which makes the jeans lightweight and breathable," Adita said. "The fabric also moves perspiration away from the skin, keeping it cool and comfortable all day."

In the Lebaran collection, female models sported elongated and oversized tie-cuff shirts in hues of white and gray, which were matched with black and dark-blue skinny denim pants.

One of the outfits in the Lebaran collection. (Photo courtesy of Iris)

"Simple dark-wash denim pants are more suitable to wear during respectful occasions, such as silaturahmi [visiting relatives' homes] on Lebaran day," Adita said.

In the Lebaran collection, the male models presented long-sleeved shirts with Mandarin collars in plain white and denim hues, which were paired with Levi's 505 regular-fit jeans.

"As you can see, with our rich variety of clothing items, we can surely accommodate your every need for this festive season," the head of marketing said.

These special Ramadan and Idul Fitri collections are available in Indonesia and Malaysia.

"In Indonesia, these items are available at all original Levi's stores, as well as Sogo and Matahari Department Stores," Adita said.

'Hidup Positif' Campaign

Levi's also used the occasion to launch a video campaign titled "Hidup Positif" (Positive Lifestyle).

"Ramadan is a moment for introspection," Adita said. "Therefore, in this special moment, we would like to encourage our customers to see things from a positive point of view and to always choose love, rather than hate."

The video campaign features a song with the same title by Yogyakarta-based band Batiga, which won last year's Levi's Band Hunt, and Malaysian actress-singer Daiyan Trisha.

The band Batiga performing after the fashion show. (Photo courtesy of Iris)

"I think the song is especially good and necessary, especially in the light of recent incidents in Indonesia," said Riosa Oktaf, the band's vocalist. "And it's also in line with our vision as a band, which is to touch the hearts of our listeners and encourage positive values among them."

The video campaign is currently aired on Levi's social media accounts, as well as by various TV channels and in cinemas.

As winner of last year's Levi's Band Hunt, Batiga is also entitled to a record deal with Universal Music Indonesia.

Details of this year's Levi's Band Hunt will be announced within the next few months.