Dira Sugandi at the event on Tuesday (16/8) at Energy Building, SCBD, Jakarta. (JG Photo/Annisa Dina)

Medco Highlights Indonesian Artists in Independence Day Celebration


AUGUST 18, 2016

Jakarta. Indonesian oil and gas company Medco Energi this week celebrates 71 years of Indonesia's independence by showcasing some of Indonesia's best classic and modern artists in a series of events currently taking place at the Energy building in Sudirman, Jakarta.

The company is showing their private collection of paintings and photographs in various corners of the building at Sudirman Center Business District, including the works by legendary painters S. Sudjojono and Sujono Abdullah.

The exhibition, titled "Potret Perjuangan" ("Portrayal of the Struggle") ends on Friday (19/0).

A mini concert which featured actress Acha Septriasa,classic pianist Ananda Sukarlan, rocker Restu Triandy or popularly known as Andi /rif, pop jazz singer Dira Sugandi and Kikan Namara took place on Tuesday at the lobby, which allows the public to see these stars up close and personal.

“A concert in an office building shows that music can be enjoyed anywhere. The sensation is different here and the pressure is lighter because my job is simply to entertain those with incredibly hectic schedules,” Andi said.

Dira Sugandi, who performed two songs “Rayuan Pulau Kelapa” and “Bubuy Bulan,” was caught up in emotion during her performance. She was seen shedding tears while singing both songs.

“For me, Indonesia will always be my home.” she said.

Chairman Dedi Panigoro said that though he has hosted Independence Day events almost every year, this is the first time he hosted such event in an office building.

“The preparation took about two months. It makes employees happy as well.” he said.

Other than featuring celebrities in music, Dedi also invited traditional musicians to perform during the mini concert.  A total of 100 modern and traditional musicians are participating in this event.

Another highlight of the event was a reproduction of a painting called "Memanah" ("Archery") by Henk Ngantung. The painting was made in 1943 and purchased by former president Sukarno in 1944. The painting was a silent witness during the proclamation of Indonesia's independence. The original painting belongs to the State Palace and is now damaged, but the reproduction is currently on display at the exhibition.