'Meduses' collection by Christine Wibowo. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

Media Viewing Trend: A New, Creative Way to Showcase Fashion Collections by IFC Designers


APRIL 06, 2018

Jakarta. The Indonesia Fashion Chamber, or IFC, one of the biggest fashion designer associations in the country, presented the Media Viewing Trend 2018 in Jakarta on March 26-27.

Media Viewing Trend (MVT) is planned to be an annual event, in which select IFC members present their fashion collections in front of buyers, clients and mass media.

Last week's MVT was the first event held by the association.

In the two-day event last week, 16 IFC members presented their spring/summer and fall/winter 2018 collections.

Each collection was presented in a mini-theatrical performance that was especially choreographed according to the theme of the collection.

"Media Viewing Trend showcases fashion trends by local fashion designers," IFC national chairman, Ali Charisma, said on Tuesday (27/03). "We also hope that this event can be a benchmark for the growth of Indonesia's fashion industry."

Here are some of the most interesting collections presented in the recent MVT.

Organs by Irna Mutiara

At the event, Irna Mutiara presented a Muslim fashion collection for her ready-to-wear deluxe label Irna La Perle.

The predominantly white fashion collection is inspired by internal organs in the human body.

"Internal organs often look scary, but they're important for our bodily systems and have also inspired me to create these elegant dresses," Irna said.

Irna's dresses in this collection are made of flowy and lightweight materials, such as brocade, silk organza and tulle. Their simple H-line silhouettes are reminiscent of dresses in the 1920s.

Intricate appliqués, shaped like hearts, kidneys, lungs and intestines, adorn the dresses.

Étoile by Bramantya Wijaya

"Étoile means star in French," the Semarang-based designer said. "But [the word] can also mean the lead dancer in a ballet performance."

"[Ballerinas] have to be especially determined and hardworking to become the lead dancer, just like today's millennial women," Bramantya said.

Inspired by ballerinas, the designer presented a sweet and feminine pre-fall 2018 collection for his ready-to-wear deluxe brand Pink Label.

The collection consists of cocktail dresses with classic empire cuts, made of satin silk, silk organza and embroidered lace.

Discreet applications of silk ribbons, pearls and crystals add a touch of glamour to Bramantya's collection.

A ballet performance, accompanied by singing by the designer himself, highlighted the fashion presentation.

Méduses by Christine Wibowo

In French, the word "méduses" means jellyfish.

"I've always been obsessed with jellyfish," the Semarang-based designer said. "They're beautiful and seem to be fragile, and yet they can be very dangerous. Just like us, women."

Inspired by jellyfish, Christine presented an elegant collection of evening gowns made of brocade, silk organza and layers of tulle.

Elaborate frills and ruffles adorn the sleeves and bodice of the dresses.

Capitalism by Defika Hanum

'Capitalism' by Defika Hanum. (JG Photo/Sylviana Hamdani)

The Yogyakarta-based designer, inspired by the hustle and bustle in the capital city, presented a chic Muslim fashion collection for her ready-to-wear brand DVK.

"DVK is my new Muslim fashion brand," Defika said. "It's dedicated for today's young urban women, who are always on the go."

The collection features easy-to-wear pieces, such as loose-fitted dresses, tailored pants, clean-cut blouses and outerwears in monochromatic hues of black and white.

Stripes and oversized pockets create a modern and dynamic impression on her collection.

"I feel very grateful to be able to present my works in this Media Viewing Trend event," the designer said. "I think this is an interesting new way to present fashion designers' collections."