A student helps his friend during Jakarta's second phase of school reopening at Cideng 10 Elementary School in Central Jakarta on June 9, 2021. (JG Photo/Yudha Baskoro)

Millennial Parents Want Their Kids to Get Well-Rounded Education: Survey


FEBRUARY 09, 2022

Jakarta. A recent survey shows that most millennial parents in Indonesia want their kids to get a well-rounded education —one that does not only focus on academic theories, but also soft skills— to better prepare them for the future. 

Last September, tech company HP Indonesia carried out a study, dubbed as the "HP New Asian Learning Experience", to measure parents’ expectations towards their children’s education. HP Indonesia surveyed 500 millennial parents aged 25-42 years old with at least one child younger than 12 years of age in five major cities in Indonesia.

“About 97 percent of parents find it necessary for their children to receive a well-rounded education that goes beyond academics and [nurtures] critical thinking, problem solving, soft skills, among others,” Frans Adiredja, the commercial personal system head at HP Indonesia, told a virtual conference on Wednesday.

According to Frans, 68 percent of the millennial parents consider the curriculum in Indonesia should put greater emphasis on creativity. About 93 percent of millennial parents view that interpersonal skills are imperative to shape their children’s bright future. The same percentage of respondents also deem creative thinking as an essential skill for their kids to pick up. Followed by problem solving with 92 percent respondents.


“About 94 percent of millennial parents believe that their children are truly learning when they come up with creative and original ideas. Many parents also find their children's ability to new situations or environment as another indicator if their kids are really learning," Frans said.

At least 82 percent of the surveyed parents believe that technology like virtual reality has a positive impact on their children's learning.

"Some 89 percent of the respondents have said that schools could make better use of technology to develop the children's skills for the future," Frans said.

According to psychologist Saskhya Aulia Prima, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught parents to not view schools as “daycares” and to become more engaged. In today’s age of online learning, parents should become active learners to ensure that their kids are develop the soft skills.

"Being an active learner means to keep on learning. There are many materials online, for instance, on what children can implement at home. Parents can also learn about the developmental milestones or on how to communicate with the teachers,” Saskhya said.