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Ministry Says Tourism Industry Should Make Digital Migration as Soon as Possible


NOVEMBER 21, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesia's Tourism Ministry held the "Distance Learning System Through Online Training" forum and workshop at Jogja Plaza Hotel in Yogyakarta on Nov. 8-9.

The even is also intended to promote the use of digital platforms in the tourism industry.

The ministry recently launched a program called "e-learning" which allows people to find out about Indonesia and tourism information faster and more accurately.

The new program is now used at the ministry’s Jakarta headquarters and several regional agencies across the country.

"We can’t be left behind by the tourists themselves. Every industry player must, sooner or later, make the change to digital," said Ahman Sya, the deputy minister for tourism institutional development, on Tuesday (21/11).

Carrying the theme "Go Digital Be The Best," the forum was attended by 50 officials from Yogyakarta's Tourism Agency.

The forum recommended that the officials learn to be more digital-minded to be able to attract new tourists to the region.

Similar forums will be held in Surabaya, East Java, on Nov. 12-14, Bali on Nov. 20-22 and West Nusa Tenggara on Dec. 26-28.