Con Raso, CEO of Tuned Global and founder of Nada Kita. (Photo courtesy of Nada Kita)

Nada Kita: Free Music to Indonesian Ears


AUGUST 23, 2016

Jakarta. Jakarta-based Australian mobile engagement company Tuned Global recently launched Nada Kita –  the first free music streaming app in the Indonesian market.

Created in partnership with Indonesia's major labels Aquarius Musikindo, Musica Studio's, MyMusic, Nagaswara, Trinity and VMC, Nada Kita ("Our Melodies") is not only completely free, but also features pre-curated playlists of songs selected by local music editors.

Founder and CEO of Tuned Global Con Raso tells the Jakarta Globe he wants to turn the streaming app into a "semi-interactive radio application" able to recognize the taste and preferences of its users.

What is it that makes Nada Kita special in comparison with popular music streaming sites such as Spotify and SoundCloud?

We wanted to create an application that would benefit the local market — both the industry and the artists — that would be fun and can connect the artists with their fans, and one that would also be simple to use. In many other applications you really need to know how to set up your playlist, what you want to listen to, who the artists are. We've built an application where you just need to press "play." The more you use it, the more the app knows you and soon it will be able to predict what you want to listen to and deliver you the best music experience.

Why did you choose Indonesia? Is it a more promising market compared to other Asian countries? 

We see ourselves as a mobile company in the first place; we're very much focused on the mobile industry. If you look at Indonesia, smartphone sales growth is great here. There's always opportunity to propose new things that users can do with their smartphones. At the end of the day, we're delivering an access model — accessing music rather than owning it. When we looked at this region, we wanted countries with love for music, where people want to connect with music, so we felt Indonesia was just the perfect place to launch this service.

How have you enjoyed your partnerships with Indonesian music businesses?

I would say that in Indonesia, but also in other countries in this region, business is really built on relationships and trust. That's also important to us, but it often takes a little bit longer to meet and understand each other, understand the goals and develop a relationship. But it's been good. We've had great discussions with our partners and found Indonesia a great place to do business.