The Dill Gourmet Cafe has taken on a new, casual look and a new menu to attract customers to its Plaza Indonesia outlet. (Photos courtesy of Eric Wirjanata)

New Look and New Eats at Jakarta’s Dill Gourmet Cafe

JANUARY 28, 2015

The Dill Gourmet Cafe is introducing its new concept and menu, revamping its look to coincide with what it calls a new “casual dining” concept.

Located in Plaza Indonesia, the cafe now offers new dining and event packages, as well as a delivery service, which it didn’t before. The cafe’s PR officer, Herry Budiman, says the change was needed for the establishment — which struggled to define its identity when it first opened a few years ago — and has resulted in a notable increase in visitors in the last few months.

“The plan is to reintroduce the brand, with new additions to our menu, as well as the new appearance of our outlet,” he explains.

“Although we’ve gained popularity as one of the country’s leading coffee and small desserts shop, Dill Gourmet Cafe is now proud to introduce our casual, all-day dining concept.”

Before this, Dill was primarily dependent on its pastries and health juice, as well as its bento packages.  Though its location within the mall was strategic, it lacked a sense of casualness, intimidating and confusing would-be visitors settling within its premises, Herry says. With the new look, which features a lot of colored wood planks as decor, and colorful chairs — also wooden — the place now has a hipper edge, he says.

In heavy selling mode, Herry is quick to add “[We’re a] dine-in outlet of impeccable coziness, serving beverages and meals made with utmost culinary passion and skills. Whether you’re stepping in for a delicious plate of Korea-style hot spicy chicken or simply craving a hutong duck sandwich, Dill has it in spades.”

Dill has brought in other new concoctions to add to its “irresistible coffee and dessert menu, and our favorites like the sirloin steak cafe de Paris [and the] three-treasure noodle.”

“It’s not just the main course that is getting a boost, though,” Herry says.

“The drinks, cold-pressed juice, as well as cakes and pastry menu have also undergone a revamp with new offerings that are must-tries for culinary aficionados.”

According to Herry, the cafe is also introducing new hangout package sets, including the high tea, the break-free breakfast promo, and the birthday promo.

“These are designed to make customers feel at home, while enjoying our delicious meals,” he says, adding that special events are another way for the cafe to attract prospective customers.

The cafe has also begun to provide a delivery service through the culinary delivery website Klik Eat and a catering service. The aim, according to Herry, is to further that image of friendliness.

“Dill’s wood-nuanced ambience lends a warm feeling that make it the perfect place to congregate with your most cherished of companions. Simply put, Dill is a place where you can feel at home but still know you’re getting a taste of luxury,” reads the press release.

The cafe is part of the culinary and hospitality business group Culture Royale, which is mostly known for its premium-level service.

“The group is run by Alvert L. Buntaran, who had a stint as director for some of Jakarta’s most renowned premium hotels and venues such as Big Boy, Ebony, M-Club, Casablanca and Tokyo Garden,” Herry explains.

“[Our] list of clients ranges from globally renowned entrepreneurs to top-ranking government officials,” adds Herry, once more in hyper selling mode.

The group also produces baked goods and hampers through its Caits & Becs store and runs the Menumbing Hotel in Bangka Island. Even more business expansions are planned for the near future.

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