One of the most exciting adventures offered at Nglinggo Adventure Hill in Yogyakarta is a thrilling ride on an off-road jeep through a virgin pine forest. (Photo courtesy of Tourism Ministry)

Nglinggo Tourist Village Offers Thrilling Off-Road Adventures Through Virgin Pine Forests


NOVEMBER 09, 2017

Jakarta. One of the most exciting adventures offered at Nglinggo Adventure Hill in Yogyakarta is a thrilling off-road jeep ride through an old-growth pine forest.

After all the excitement, visitors can rest at Rimbono Homestay in the nearby Nglinggo Tourist Village.

The village is located close to Kulon Progo, a regional town southeast of Yogyakarta.

A variety of tour packages are available from Nglinggo Adventure, from short guided hill climbs to all-day hiking through the pine forest.

Two- to four-hour trips cost around Rp 500,000 ($37) and four- to six-hour trips cost Rp 700,000.

Thrill seekers will be taken in a jeep through a forest lane barely wide enough for the car before climbing on an extreme uphill track shaped like the number seven.

The steep climb is guaranteed to make even the hardiest adventurers grip their seats in horror.

Melkey Binaro, the owner of Rimbono Homestay and marketing coordinator of Nglinggo Tourist Village, said the track was first opened in 2014 for lovers of off-road adventures and later opened for the general public in 2015.

Melkey said he hoped the Kulon Progo administration goes through with its plan to reopen nearby Menoreh Hill since that will definitely bring more tourists to his village.

Kulon Progo Deputy District Head Sutedjo said the local administration wants to reopen a 60-kilometer road through Menoreh Hill which will make it easier for tourists to go straight to the Borobudur Temple — one of the Tourism Ministry's priority tourist destinations — from the new Yogyakarta International Airport.

Village Head Teguh Kumoro said the tourist village has also been preparing workshops for tourists, including one on how to pick tea leaves and another one to learn the a local traditional dance called Lengger.

Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said his ministry has promised support for local administrations willing to turn tourism into one of their priority industries.