RPX Group general manager Albert David Palit, left, and Alvin Aulia Akbar, head of business development at MatahariMall.com, posing for a photo after the press conference in Jakarta on Thursday (30/08). (Photo courtesy of Iris Jakarta)

Paket Ambil Suka-Suka: MatahariMall.com's Solution for Online Shopping Deliveries


SEPTEMBER 03, 2018

Jakarta. One of the biggest drawbacks to online shopping is waiting for delivery. When you see a cute dress in a shopping mall, for example, you can pay for it and take it home right away. But with online shopping, you must wait for a few days for the goods to arrive.

As the anticipation builds, so does the anxiety. When will the package actually be delivered? Will the courier be able to locate your address? Will there be someone at home to receive the package when it arrives?

MatahariMall.com, the Lippo Group's e-commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle products, understands these difficulties and wants to do something about it.

"We've been in this business for three years now," Alvin Aulia Akbar, head of business development at MatahariMall.com, said during a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday (30/08).

"So far, we have been receiving many insights from our customers, as well as our field staff, about package deliveries. And we really want to do something that makes online shopping an easy and hassle-free experience for our customers," he added.

With most people being very mobile these days, they are rarely in one place for long during the day, which makes it difficult for couriers to deliver their packages.

In addition, addresses in Indonesia are often very complicated, which makes it more difficult and time-consuming for delivery staff to find.

"[The delivery process] can indeed be very painful for both customers and couriers," Alvin said.

Therefore, MatahariMall.com has decided to collaborate with the RPX Group, a logistics firm, to offer a new creative solution to package delivery, namely Paket Ambil Suka-Suka, or Pick-Up as You Like (PAS).

Under the new PAS scheme, customers in Java and Bali may choose to have their packages delivered to the nearest Indomaret store, instead of their homes or offices.

"Indomaret is our strong partner," RPX Group general manager Albert David Palit said. "Currently, they have more than 14,000 outlets in Java and Bali that are ready to receive and store MatahariMall.com's packages under the new PAS scheme."

RPX Group general manager Albert David Palit, center, speaking to the moderator, Kenny Djafar, during a press conference in Jakarta on Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Iris Jakarta)

The RPX Group will notify customers via email, WhatsApp or text message when their packages have arrived at their chosen Indomaret branch.

"In this way, the customer would know exactly where their package is and can pick it up day or night at their own convenience," Albert said.

If a customer has not picked up a package within three days, another notification will be sent as a reminder.

The Indomaret store will keep the package for five working days, after which it will be returned to one of MatahariMall.com's warehouses if it is still not picked up.

"We have warehouses in more than 80 cities in Indonesia," Alvin said. "You can easily arrange to pick up your package at any one of them."

MatahariMall.com currently has more than 7 million members, most of them living in the greater Jakarta area, and about 65 percent of them being women between the ages of 18 and 35.

Fashion products, mainly women's tops, women's shoes and women's bottoms, are best sellers at the moment.

MatahariMall.com makes more than 500,000 deliveries each month and aims to make 5,000 deliveries under the new PAS scheme in this month.

The PAS delivery method will also be available in Sumatra from October this year and in Kalimantan and Sulawesi in the first quarter of 2019.

"Next month, you can also pay cash for your online purchases as you pick them up at your chosen Indomaret store," Alvin said.

Super September

MatahariMall.com will celebrate its third anniversary on Sunday. Therefore, the e-commerce platform presents Super September, a month-long discount fiesta, for its customers.

"There will be discounts up to 99 percent on certain products every day during September," Alvin said.

Alvin Aulia Akbar, head of business development at MatahariMall.com, speaking about Super September during the press conference. (Photo courtesy of Iris Jakarta)

There will also be flash sales for popular brands at certain hours during Super September.

During this month, MatahariMall.com will also offer special discounts on its in-house fashion brands, Mavis and Massilca.

"Also, don't miss our exciting surprises on Sept. 9 and the last week of the month," Alvin said.

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