has grown since its launch in 2012, giving the growing number of local travelers lots of options. (Photo courtesy of

PegiPegi Makes Traveling Fun for Locals on the Go

JANUARY 09, 2015

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer,” or so goes the anonymous idiom.

“Indonesia is a naturally very rich country,” says Kohei Nakajima, chief operating officer of “You have beautiful mountains, many islands, deep seas and so on.”

It was the beauty of the country that prompted Indonesian advertising company Alternative Media Group (AMG), Japanese online travel agent, and Indonesian IT company Altavindo to team up for the Indonesian-targeted online travel website in May 2012.

“The Indonesian travel market is really promising,” Nakajima says.

According to their data, in 2013 around 8 million Indonesians traveled outside of the country, while 38 million people traveled domestically.

“The domestic market is much bigger than the outbound market,” Nakajima says. “And the growth is also much faster.”

The figures show the growth of Indonesian outbound travelers is about 10 percent a year, while domestic growth is between 15 to 20 percent a year.

“So that’s why we started our business with the domestic market mainly,” Nakajima says.

After two years of operations, they have now revamped the look and operating system of the website.

“We’ve worked hard to enhance your booking experience,” says Adi Jayadi Ryan, Web director of the online travel site.

The website features a simplified home page with full-color photos.

It offers options to choose hotels or flight bookings.

“We have partnered with more than 3,400 hotels across Indonesia,” Nakajima says, adding that these range from guesthouses to five-star hotels.

“All our hotels are directly contracted with us and we have a very good relationship with each hotel,” he says.

“So, you don’t have to worry about our prices, because our prices are already cheaper.”

As seen on the website in early January, they offer bookings at three-star hotels in Bandung from Rp 278,000 ($21) a night.

When browsing for suitable hotels, guests can also access reviews from previous visitors.

“Our reviews are [written] by Indonesians in Indonesian and for Indonesians,” Nakajima says. “It better suits your points of view.”

The online travel site can also help with last-minute hotel bookings.

“After running this business for two years, I see that Indonesians always make last-minute bookings for a night or two,” Nakajima says.

“So to meet the customers’ expectations, we carefully maintain our last-minute inventory. Any time you want to stay, even tonight, you can always find enough options.”

The website doesn’t require registration before booking, and guests can just fill out their information as needed.

“This is especially useful when you’re in a hurry,” Adi says. “You can just make a booking without going through a long and complicated registration process.”

The website also offers a wide variety of payment choices — credit cards, bank transfer and through Indomaret convenience stores.

“If you use international online travel agents, you’ll never find them offering payment through bank transfers or cashiers at convenience stores,” Adi points out.

A similar process also applies when booking flights.

A number of airlines offer promotional offers to some of Indonesia’s favorite travel destinations through the website.

A recent survey by found the favorite travel destinations in Indonesia are currently Bali and Lombok. also works together with the country’s biggest mobile network operator, Telkomsel, to offer special discounts to subscribers.

“We’ve decided to collaborate [with] because they provide great services,” says Desi Anggrayeni, national sales manager of digital advertising at Telkomsel.

“They offer more options than other online travel agents with better prices and interesting promos. It’s like, wow!”

Recently, the website also launched its PegiPegi Affiliate Network, through which it engages Indonesian bloggers to promote its services.

“Currently, we work together with 3,000 bloggers,” Adi says.

With the growth rate of its affiliate bloggers at around 60 percent per month, aims to partner with more than 30,000 bloggers by mid-2015.

“Bloggers who place our banner on their blogs and get us bookings will get up to 75 percent in commissions,” Adi says.

Staff writers for the website also offer their best travel tips to those browsing for ideas, such as the best sunrise spots in Indonesia, family travel ideas, and recommendations for tourist attractions and local cuisine.

“I personally believe that traveling is very good for everyone,” Nakajima says.

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