The Ministry of Tourism will participate in the tenth Indofest, which will be held at Victoria Square in Adelaide, Australia, on Oct. 1, to promote Indonesian tourist destinations. (Photo courtesy of the Tourism Ministry)

Perth Mini Festival Promotes 'Ten New Balis'


OCTOBER 12, 2017

Jakarta. Indonesia's Tourism Ministry is set to hold a special event called Indonesian Creation in Perth, Australia, on Saturday (14/10) to promote Indonesian art, culture, cuisine and the country's so-called "Ten New Balis."

The event will feature a fashion show of traditional clothes, stalls selling Indonesian food and an exhibition of Indonesian handmade products.

"We want to bring more Australians into Indonesia and introduce our priority destinations," the ministry's foreign marketing development deputy I Gde Pitana said in a statement.

The mini festival will be held at Forrest Place, an open space in the center of Perth, which links Perth Station, Myer Mall and Wellington Street, and where around 24,000 people pass by every day, Pitana said.

According to Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, Indonesia is a popular travel destination for many Australians. More than 50 percent of Australian tourists in Indonesia are repeat visitors.