"Music for Sleeping: Lelap" speaker lamp. (Photo Courtesy of @lelapmusic)

Piano Melodies for a Good Night’s Sleep


MARCH 18, 2021

Jakarta. What better way to catch some Zs than to be accompanied with calming piano tunes? Pianist Nina Sari Ishak will soon release her “Music for Sleeping: Lelap” album across all digital platforms on Friday.

According to Nina, the album comprises 10 self-composed, soothing piano pieces. The musician admitted to have drawn inspiration from the stages of sleep. 


Like an actual sleeping process, the album begins with "Nina Bobo", whose name is inspired by the popular Indonesian lullaby.

“The song titles illustrate the sleeping cycle. Starting from ‘Nina Bobo’, it’s like how we would sing a child a lullaby while patting their back,” Nina told an online press conference on Thursday.

It then progresses to "Istirahat" ('rest') as the listener lies down. Followed by "Tenang" ('calm'), "Teduh" ('tranquil'), and "Pejam" ('closing one's eyes'). As the album plays "Tenteram", the listener then feels even more peaceful as their eyes become even heavier with "Sayup". The album then continues to "Pulas" ('fast asleep'), "Bunga Tidur" ('dream') and finally ends with the title track "Lelap" ('slumber').

“I use simple elements [in these piano compositions]. What I’m going for is some sort of a background music that helps people fall asleep,” Nina said.

Each track also has its very own poem for people to read as they lie down.

As a musician, Nina has a big dream of her own and that is bringing Indonesian music outside the archipelago. This prompted Nina to use Indonesian language for all of the song titles. She noted how “Teduh” —also one of her top three favorite tracks— uses the Javanese pentatonic scale.

"Indonesia should not only be known for its gamelan music or angklung. Our music is rich, starting from keroncong, dangdut to even pop and rock," Nina added.

Prior to the digital release, Nina had already launched the album in the form of a speaker lamp. The lamp casts soft-colored lights as it plays piano melodies. The music composer also considers the lamp as a way to reach out to listeners staying at home amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the digital release date coincides with the upcoming World Sleep Day 2021 on March 19 — which celebrates the importance of a good night’s sleep.