Young poet and writer Rain Chudori with her short story compilation. (JG Photo/Lisa Siregar)

Rain Chudori Explores Love and Loneliness in New Book


DECEMBER 21, 2015

Jakarta. Young Indonesian poet and writer Rain Chudori launched a compilation of her short stories "Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories" in Jakarta on Saturday.

Published by Gramedia, the book consists of eight short stories written over the course of her life, beginning when she was just 14 years old. According to Rain, her stories speak about love and loneliness as two subjects that cannot be separated. All written in English, Rain said these tales are inspired by her own experiences.

"I want this book to be about how a girl grows up to become a woman. People rarely ask what they think about women's perspectives, and I think theirs are important, if not the most important," she said. "I think every woman is a survivor."

To highlight the emotional side of these stories, Rain does not specify the time and place in each tale.

The 21-year-old said she started writing because of her mother; journalist, film critic and writer Leila Chudori.

"She is such a prolific writer and she really inspired me. I have always wanted to be a writer like my mom," she said.

Rain is the co-initiator of a literary magazine The Murmur House. She has also starred in short film "Sleep Tight Maria" by Monica Vanesa Tedja and feature film "Rocket Rain" by Anggun Priambodo. She has written for Jakarta Globe, The Jakarta Post, Whiteboard Journal and Nylon magazine.

Rain is a student majoring in film studies at Bina Nusantara University in Jakarta. She is currently working on her novel debut "Little Match Girl," which she describes as "a reinterpretation of a modern fairytale."