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Remake of "Catatan si Boy" Recaptures Youth Crisis of the 1980s

Chairul Fikri
August 7, 2023 | 8:09 pm
This picture shows a still of the movie Catatan si Boy. (Handout Photo)
This picture shows a still of the movie Catatan si Boy. (Handout Photo)

Jakarta. The iconic Indonesian movie "Catatan si Boy" (Boy's Note), which gained popularity in the 1980s, is making a comeback as MD Pictures collaborates with MVP Entertainment and Dapur Film to recreate it with a more modern concept while preserving its core theme.

The original film portrayed a young man from a wealthy family grappling with parental conflicts over his choice of a future partner. It spawned two sequels, all of which enjoyed considerable success in Indonesian cinemas. The movie's original soundtrack also became a sensation.

The leading roles in the remake are played by Angga Yunanda as Boy and Shifa Hadju as Vera.

Manoj Punjabi, the CEO of MD Pictures, mentioned during a press conference that the remake took over seven years to bring to fruition.


"We've been planning this project for seven years, facing challenges along the way. I'm grateful that we managed to complete filming by the end of last year, and it will be screened on August 17," Manoj said.

As a teenager when the original film hit cinemas back then, Manoj himself was a big fan of it. Thus, when the opportunity arose to work on the remake, he was determined to present it with a fresh and contemporary feel.

"The challenge was to keep the movie relevant to today's teenagers while addressing the conflict that arises between parents and their children's relationships," Manoj said.

Another challenge was to redefine the character of Boy, originally portrayed by Onky Alexander, and find a fitting replacement. Angga Yunanda was chosen for the role.

Director Hanung Bramantyo highlighted a minor conflict during the scriptwriting process. The character of Boy represented the youth rebellion of the 1980s against arranged marriages.

"While making the movie, we delved into why it became a hit in 1987. Back then, there was a youth movement against conservative parents who enforced arranged marriages. Times have changed, though some aspects remain," Hanung noted.

"The challenge here was whether the character of Boy could resonate with modern audiences. I believe it does. Many people will relate to Boy," he added.

The cast of the new version of "Catatan si Boy" includes Angga Yunanda as Boy, Syifa Hadju as Nuke, Rebecca Klopper as Ina (Boy's sister), Alyssa Daguise as Vera, Lukman Sardi as Nuke's father, Marcella Zalianty as Nuke's mother, Mona Ratuliu as Boy's mother, and original cast members from the first "Catatan si Boy," Dede Yusuf as Boy's father, and Meriam Bellina as Vera's mother.

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